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NJ Gov-elect, Sean Hannity, the neo-Nazi, and the FBI. PLUS: Sarah Palin and the John Birch Society

Posted by Charles II on December 19, 2009

Max Blumenthal always has a tale worth listening to:

The trials of [radio personality Hal] Turner might not have invited any media interest had he been another lone wolf howling into the night about the swarthy evildoers supposedly destroying America. After all, white supremacists across the country are persistently prosecuted for activities ranging from criminal littering to murder. But Turner has been an insider both in the New Jersey GOP and in a controversial federal anti-terror program designed to “flush out” violent far-right plots, making him a treasure trove of information on the many prominent Republicans he has associated with over the years. These characters include Turner’s former friend Sean Hannity, who allegedly counseled him on overcoming his cocaine habit and homosexual urges, and New Jersey Governor-elect Chris Christie, whose alleged involvement with Turner may result in the first scandal of his term.

Speaking of which, Rachel talked about the merger of CPAC and the John Birch Society.

And just to show you that we must be in the End Times, Little Green Footballs says that the John Birch Society is nuts and has a picture of Sarah Palin reading the John Birch Society magazine.

3 Responses to “NJ Gov-elect, Sean Hannity, the neo-Nazi, and the FBI. PLUS: Sarah Palin and the John Birch Society”

  1. The guy behind LGF, Charles Johnson, is a hardcore Israel supporter who was one of the long list of Israel supporters who went insane after 9/11. He’s started to recover his sanity in recent years, to the point where LGF’s now anathema among movement Cons; he still hates Muslims, but he doesn’t let his hatred blind him to the asininity of the modern conservative movement.

    • Charles II said

      Talking about the conversion of Charles Johnson is like the joke about the 90 year old guy who went to confession and told the padre that he had had sex with a 19 year old girl three times that morning. The priest said, “It’s good that you have come to confess, because fornication is a mortal sin, my son.” “Oh, I’m not a Catholic,” says the old man. “Then why are you telling me?” asks the perplexed priest. Says the old man, “Oh, I’m telling everyone, father!”

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