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Blizzard paralyzes Wales

Posted by Charles II on December 21, 2009

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From the BBC

(Image from BBC)

5 Responses to “Blizzard paralyzes Wales”

  1. Ah, I know some Welsh who missed not having any snow over the past few decades!

  2. Stormcrow said

    Doesn’t surprise.

    When I lived up in the UP, the streets were kept cleared and everyday life carried on no matter how much crap got dumped on us. The place got 200 inches of snow every year on average. So people were prepared, and most importantly, the community was prepared.

    We get two inches here in Metro Seattle and everything grinds to a halt. And stays that way for two days to a week or more.

    Not enough snow plows, no state income tax so we’re never going to have enough, and the city and county authorities have their heads firmly up their butts most times this happens. Even though the NWS gives us plenty of advance warning.

  3. jo6pac said

    I’m a northern calif. flat lander I just don’t do snow at all but I do care chains in the truck.

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