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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 21

Posted by Charles II on December 21, 2009


Food First Information and Action Network says on Vos that the kidnappers of two land rights activists were employees of Miguel Facussé, René Morales and Reynaldo Canales

I have been meaning to read Honduras Caritas documents that Brother John has posted and am just now reminded of my failing by seeing them on Adrienne’s site. Anyway, Caritas condemns the brutal murders of Walter Trochez, Ángel Salgado, Nicolle Cabrera, and others.

Mariano Castillo of CNN finally admitted that the TSE made up (my term, definitely not his) turnout numbers, but said we should trust them that they didn’t fiddle the ballots in the nearly three weeks it took them to count.

Quixote Center:

We are receiving alarming reports from partners in Honduras. Emboldened by the United States endorsement of the November 29th “elections,” the state terror apparatus in Honduras has ramped up its grisly repression.

There has been a spike in targeted murders and abductions following the November 29th “electoral event” which was massively boycotted by the people of Honduras. This escalation of human rights abuses is especially alarming because the judicial system is on holiday until January 2nd. People are terrified and are leaving the country.


Apparently it’s official that in Honduras, the number of votes exceeds 100%:
2,300,056……….Total votes examined
2,143,012……….Valid votes
2,700……….Werevotes, which vanished upon addition

The resistance is on holiday until January 7. The second demo for 2010 is scheduled for Pretend Inauguration Day, January 27th. While the pretend government has managed the external debt, the internal debt has exploded, with $130M in bonds having just been issued. 13% of GDP is internal debt. The one advantage of internal debt is that you can default with fewer consequences, but it also raises the cost of credit. Food supplies fell. Grain dropped 1.4% and frijoles are down 25%. But the imagined yield of corn for 2010 is up by 9.3%.

Zelaya is on Radio Globo. Thanks to Llorens for the visit. The US is saying the right things, that Zelaya remains the legitimate president and that the elections are not a sufficient condition. Marisol salutes Zelaya.

(Via BoRev) Human Rights Watch condemns the violence against LGBTs in Honduras:

(New York) – The killing of an HIV/AIDS outreach worker on December 14, 2009, is part of a pattern of violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Honduras that seems to have accelerated in the turbulent months since the June 28 coup, Human Rights Watch said today.

“Seems to have accelerated” as in “murders of LGBT people are up at least 5- and perhaps 12-fold.” Barely noticeable, at least if you’re not one of those being threatened, beaten, or murdered.

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