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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 23

Posted by Charles II on December 23, 2009

Anti-gay hate crimes surge in Honduras
(Photo is up at, along with text from the EU News Network. The photo’s source is unclear. The caption is Anti-gay Hate Crimes Surge in Honduras)
Update: Adrienne says to listen to Radio Progreso. I dialed in late to listen Felix Molina. Something about Lugo of Paraguay and a plot. Ismael Moreno is invited.

Via Magbana at HondurasOye, Joseph Shansky at UpsideDownWorld on the death squads.
Seven resistance congressmen were elected: Eleazar Alexander Juárez Sarabia (LP-Valle), Erik Rodríguez (LP-Lempira) Mario Segura (El Paraíso), Dennis Sánchez (Santa Barbara), Fredys Nájera (Olancho), Norma Haydee Calderón (Cortes) and Marvin Ponce (Francisco Morazán).

Lawyer Nectaly Rodezno, who was threatened with a pistol and beaten says the following:

It’s part of a real offensive against the Resistance, and they are using the same methodology as in the 1980s. The day on which they assassinated Walter Trochez, many other bodies appeared all over the city, exactly how it happened in those years, which is to say, they killed common criminals and took advantage [of the situation] to kill members of popular movements, disguising these political murders as if they had to do with criminal cases. They wanted the people to become accustomed to these crimes, so that they didn’t become aware that they were excercising a systematic repression against the members of the Resistance.

Gabriel Rios Mungia of Los Necios wrote the following about the younger members of the Resistance, who he says were previously “subdued by the hopes of consumerism.” It seems to me to capture an important point that most outsiders don’t get:

Only a few months ago “National Identity” was an indescribable paradigm of confusing dreams imposed by a pro-oligarchy civil society; the Copan ruins are more known in situ by foreigners than by nationals; the national soccer team built out from private owned clubs that deprive the majorities from access to sports leaving them with only expectation. Today the popular national identity is fully summarized in one word: Resistance.

Economies built around consumerism, especially around the consumption of imported products, produce a sense of loss of identity. A sense of nationality and community is displaced by a sense of living in a foreign country. Americans have gotten a taste of it with the flood tide of Chinese imports… but even more so when the nature of the products themselves are different than the native, when plastic and metal displace wood and ceramic. And even more so for indigenous cultures, which are in large measure based on an understanding that the earth is a living being who sustains us from her own substance, the concept generally referred to as Pachamama. (the identical concept is inherent in Christian communion, in which we feast on the food and drink of the earth as the flesh and blood of Christ). When the sense of community and nation is taken away, what fills it is often not benign. “Resistance” is certainly better than some of what can fill the emptiness, but it is a transitional, not an enduring principle of identity.

Channel 36: Mostly about Christmas food. Radio Globo: A government Minister of Security says that the police are penetrated by criminals and narcotraffickers. Police should have at least 6 years of education, wanted to raise it to nine years, with many having high school or college.


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