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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 25

Posted by Charles II on December 25, 2009

(Hillary with the dictator-elect of Honduras. Image from Cathy Ceibe at TR-Honduras)

Sociologist Julio Navarro says that Honduras has been a laboratory in testing public opinion to a coup. The leaders of the coup knew that their actions would not be interfered with because the Pentagon was behind them.

According to Tiempo, the Pope apparently mentioned Honduras, something one could not glean from other news coverage. He promised that the church would help Honduras “re-take the institutional road” and that the church could not be replaced by any ideology, which I assume is a reference to the growing irritation on the left with the church’s reactionary alliances.

Rachel Donadio and Laurie Goodstein, NYT:

In many ways, the document is a puzzling cross between an anti-globalization tract and a government white paper….

“There are paragraphs that sound like Ayn Rand, next to paragraphs that sound like ‘The Grapes of Wrath.’ That’s quite intentional,” Vincent J. Miller, a theologian at the University of Dayton, a Catholic institution in Ohio, said by telephone.

Juan Almendares, former rector of the national university of Honduras, wrote a fiery denunciation of those who commit and cover up crimes against human rights.

Allan MacDonald, famed cartoonist of El Pais del Mal Humor has an anti-Christmas editorial in Habla Honduras. An excerpt:

In the houses of the poor, there will be no table covered with wines and cheeses, with caviar and the twelve lucky grapes, nor red apples exported for the gluttony of the rich. In the house of the poor of this Honduras there is resistance even in the arms, in the smiles, and in this tree which was not placed, in this birth with a manger and little clay saints which wait in a cardboard box, because here there is no Christmas, here the lights went out in June and the toys were grayed out from the joy of our children.


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