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Deep thought for today

Posted by Charles II on December 26, 2009

Most TV programming  for the Christmas season involves chainsaw murders, desperately unhappy family reunions, vampires, ghosts, mummies, zombies or sports played by drug-strengthened multi-millionaires with probably the only functional union in the US.  On the Beeb, you could watch wholesome world-devouring, dimension-spanning insects and a disease that turns its victims into fountains spewing infection.

On the good side, TCM went with that holiday classic series, Sherlock Holmes.


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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 26

Posted by Charles II on December 26, 2009

(Image from Navidad Golpista/Navidad Siniestra at Vos el Soberano.  Micheletti drives a tank in the back of which are Adolfo Facusse, General Vasquez, Cardinal Rodriguez and other “gifts”, while dictator-elect Lobo Sosa as an elf balances on one of the runners. The reindeer are people like the Pretend Minister of Finance, the Minister of InCulture, and the Blind head of Human Rights).

Adrienne has links to a coup documentary.

Tiempo on censorship. Learn about the Alien and Sedition Act, which our own so very unfree press doesn’t teach about.

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