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Ah, Short Memories

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 28, 2009

The Republicans currently staging trouser-wetting fits for the cameras while muttering about how President Obama was bad not to cancel his vacation because some idiot castrated himself with flash powder seem to have forgot all about George W. Bush’s fateful vacation in Crawford, Texas, where he refused to be bothered by CIA agents trying to warn him about Al-Qaeda. He dismissed them with a curt “All right, you’ve covered your ass now.”


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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 28

Posted by Charles II on December 28, 2009

(Cartoon by Alan McDonald here. Legend: We are a multicultural nation. You speak many tongues? No, many of us bite our tongues.)

Marco Antonio Madrid contrasts the achievements of Dario Euraque (appointed by Zelaya) at the Ministry of Culture vs. the non-accomplishments of the typical political hacks appointed in previous administrations and with the accomplishments of the coup-appointed Myrna Castro, whose main accomplishment is purging the historical records of Gen. Vasquez’s involvement with a car theft ring and R. Micheletti’s involvment in subversion and an attempt to alter the Constitution.

Tough times in Honduras? Not according to entrepreneur Jimmy Dacarett. This is, by golly, a grand opportunity, since the last four years have been such a disaster.

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