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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 36

Posted by Charles II on January 4, 2010

[Links updated] Not everything is grim in Honduras. There’s a website called Honduran Campesino Campesinos Sosa that talks about some of the neat development projects that are taking place.

(Spanish pieces of eight discovered in Olancho. Photo from The Last of the True Adventurers at Campesinos Sosa).

Here are photos showing how to use a pedal pump to turn a cow pasture into an irrigated field with drip line.

Of course, there’s plenty of less inspiring stuff. But news has diminished to a trickle.
(Image by Chisp@ at TeleSur. The gorilla is saying, “That wasn’t a coup. That was enforced change.”)

Atilio Boron has a piece on making coup d’etats invisible. He reviews the coups of the last 30 years or so, amazingly missing a couple (Panama and Guatemala), but also comes up with one I hadn’t considered, namely the removal of Stroessner.

During the New Year’s celebration, 212 people died by violence, according to ChinaView.

Jean Guy Allard, who writes for the Cuban press, has an interesting piece in El Libertador (originally in Rebelion) about Jose R. Cardenas, USAID, and the CIA. Even with the precautionary grain of salt, the allegations add up to these: that Cardenas, who Allard says is linked with the CIA, was former head of USAID for Latin America who distributed funds to anti-Zelaya groups. After the coup, he was hired by Micheletti to burnish the coup’s image in Washington through the firm Vision Americas. And he wrote defamatory material about Zelaya in Foreign Policy without disclosing his conflicts of interest. Vision America brought together a nasty cast of characters, including Roger Noriega and Francisco “Puff of Wind” Flores, a member of the ARENA party of Guatemala El Salvador [thanks, Nell], which carried out the assassination of Archbishop Romero.

Whether he is CIA or not, I don’t know. But I did read Cardenas’s piece in FP, and it did make my skin crawl. The guy is a walking zone of anti-truth.

In an interview with Mario Casasus of El Clarin, Esly Banegas reports that the Navy has militarized the northeastern part of the country, the Valle of Aguan, especially from Trujillo to Tocoa. These were places where Zelaya’s Agrarian Reform had restored land to poor farmers. Now the latifundistas are displacing the small farmers.


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  1. Nell said

    Small correction: Flores’ party is the right-wing ARENA party of El Salvador.

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