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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 38

Posted by Charles II on January 6, 2010

So, the Public Minister has filed a summons against the military elite for having illegally deported Zelaya. This should be interesting. Zelaya says he thinks they’re just angling to get the military covered by the amnesty that Congress is giving him, which he has refused. Micheletti won’t attend the inaugural in person, since that would really be thumbing his nose at the US. He says he doesn’t want to give certain people a pretext to blame him for things that might happen in the country. He says “the gringos” (his phrase) offered to deliver millions of dollars of aid to Honduras if he would just leave before the 15th. The government is giving away $50M to petroleum importers through Executive Decree PCM-M-37-2009, which orders the reformulation of gasoline, alleges the Patiotic Solidarity Coalition. UD Congresswoman Doris Gutiérrez, who will be the new chairwoman for the Municipal Corporation says that giving water to the poor promotes begging and poverty. Charles Dickens, where are you now that your satire is so badly needed?

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