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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 52

Posted by Charles II on January 21, 2010

More light posting.

New Pretendisident of Honduran Congress

(42 year old Juan Orlando Hernández, native of Gracias Lempira, as the only candidate for the office will ascend to the post of Pretendisent of Congress. Image from Tiempo)

Micheletti is taking a vacation, not (as pointed out by HondurasCoup2009), stepping down, which many US newspapers have sloppily misreported. Micheletti said that he will not sit on the council of former presidents if Pretendisent Lobo seats Zelaya. But he’ll freelance, if asked.


The Radio Globo server remains down.
Radio Santa Rosa has been joined by Radio Actualidad.
Channel 36 is playing music.
Progreso had a few minutes of political talk, now Father Ismael Moreno. Now a Cadena, i.e. a forced broadcast of government directives (!). Martial music and applause in the background. Various political speeches, very vague. “This is the hour of the harvest.” The event sounds like the transmission of credentials by the Electoral Court (the TSE) to the candidates and the installation of what the pro-coup La Prensa calls “the provisional junta” . But it’s like listening to a ceremonial reading of the phone book, but with fewer specifics. They are giving out gold pins with 5 sapphires, if I heard aright (I am listening with half an ear). “The electoral process was the most transparent, clean, blahblahblah.” Again indirectly trying to blame Zelaya for things, saying that interfering with the alternation of political office is treason. Bah: enough.

Defensores en Linea reports on a letter from human rights group to European leaders asking them not to recognize the amnesty and to maintain sanctions, demand a truth commission, and maintain visa cancellations.

Via HondurasCoup2009, the BCIE will resume operations with the Lobo Pretendisency,

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Birds of a feather

Posted by Charles II on January 21, 2010

Some NAFTA blowback, Todd Miller of Upside Down World. One you won’t want to miss:

Following the modern recipe for corporate enterprise, the directors of Mexico’s increasingly powerful murder-for-hire firm, the Zetas, have begun to diversify from the company’s principal activity of providing armed enforcement for the drug-trafficking Gulf Cartel. According to U.S. and Mexican officials, the group has gone into the lucrative business of stealing and selling contraband gasoline. It steals from Mexico’s nationalized petroleum company PEMEX, and resells to Texas oil companies, including one run by a former Bush administration insider.

[T]he Zetas have been able to take advantage of NAFTA partly because of the “two way overland highway of contraband,” aptly described by political economist Jeff Faux, that has been greatly facilitated by the agreement, and which now includes companies that cook deals with organized crime.

Before the founding members of the Zetas deserted an elite unit of the Mexican army, they received highly sophisticated training by U.S. Special Forces in anti-narcotic operations.

Reynolds writes that the “image of Cresenzi – fresh out of Karl Rove’s White House office – sitting across a desk from Zetas’ Heriberto Lazcano [the Ft. Bragg trained founder of the Zetas] in Tamaulipas is like a fantastic scene conjured up from a Soderburgh/Rodriguez mashup.”

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Supreme Court gives us “free speech”

Posted by Charles II on January 21, 2010

The right to free speech has just been upheld by the right-wing of the Supreme Court. That is, corporations will be free to run a limitless number of political campaign ads, drowning out all other voices. A group of a few thousand people, the boards of directors and officers of the Fortune 500, have hundreds of billions of dollars at their disposal to influence campaigns that presently cost at most a tiny fraction of that.

Labor unions, with literally millions of dollars at their disposal, will be able to do the same thing. In other words, Democrats, who put the votes on the court to do this, will be free to either cave in to corporate demands or be defeated at the polls.

Yet another 5-4 decision disrespecting the rights of the overwhelming majority of Americans in favor of the “rights” of a non-living entity. FFFFFF
Added (crossposted at AtLargely):

There might be a way to gum up the works: Require that corporations receive approval from a majority of shareholders for each and every expenditure of funds.

The expenditure of funds for political advertising, particularly of a specific candidate, is not obviously in the interests of the shareholders. Therefore, it should be voted on. And, if voting takes time, and if there is a threshhold requirement for participation, it might be hard enough and dangerous enough to the officers and Board that they might not use it in the manner that the Robert Court clearly intends.

(Not that anyone listens to Eeyore. ::sigh::)

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