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Any old movies you’ve wanted to watch?

Posted by Charles II on January 24, 2010

Avedon has (via Biomes) a very cool link to Classic Cinema. When these come onto TCM or the other movie channels, they tend to be at 2 in the morning. Or they have a festival and one has to watch movies continuously for 24 or 48 hours if you want to see them. So, this is a terrific find. Thank you, Avedon and Biomes Blog for posting the link!

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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 55

Posted by Charles II on January 24, 2010

More light posting.

Tiempo: a gold pit mine in the Peruvian Amazon
(Image by Tiempo)

Tiempo has an article about the devastation that gold mining has wrought in the Peruvian Amazon. [Added: Thanks to Brother John, who reminded me of this article in The Guardian, which was posted here about three weeks ago]. What they don’t say is that something similar is happening at a smaller scale in Honduras. Take a look at it just for the pictures. Titled, “Gold Fever is Killing the Peruvian Amazon,” the first paragraph says, “Craters excavated by Man, rivers contaminated with mercury, hills with the earth removed where there used to be forest, trees buried by tailings, the ecosystem of the Mother of God, a region of the Peruvian Amazon, is being destroyed by gold fever.” [Added: For additional photos of the damage being done in Honduras and the resistance to it, see (with thanks) here and here. See also this film (which unfortunately stalls when it goes to channel snow), but eventually and this photoessay]. Gold is a destroyer.

Tiempo says that Phase 1 of the Tela Bay infrastructure project, funded by $14 M from the sustainable tourism department, has begun. It will bring highways and bridges, water treatment, solid and liquid waste disposal, and an electrical system. The second stage is building 4 and 5 star hotels, 305 villas, and a golf course. Sounds very sustainable.

Adrienne sends word of an interview of the son of Minister Rodolfo Pastor, Rodo Pastor, Jr. which appeared in Clarin.

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