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Beat the drum slowly

Posted by Charles II on January 27, 2010

Charles Lemos, Mydd:

Howard Zinn, the Boston University historian and political activist, best known for his A People’s History of the United States has died of a heart attack while traveling in Santa Monica, California. An eternal optimism, he was a true progressive that understood the links between the rise of militarism and its impact on American democracy. He was 87.

Lemos has some excellent film, well worth watching.

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Senate Finally Admits Corporatist HCR Is DOA; Public Option Revived By Pingree And Polis

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 27, 2010

Give Jane Hamsher a hand, because she and Representative Grijalva knew what was coming, as well as how to fight it so that a true HCR bill would rise from its ashes:

Against all odds, the $1.4 million being spent each day on lobbying failed. Those who insisted that it was unfair to force the country to pay money to private insurance companies without the alternative of a government run program won. We won because of Raul Grijalva’s leadership, and because the public rejected a health care bill that put corporations first and people second.

Now it’s time to return to the task of passing real health care reform. And this morning in the Houuse, Chellee Pingree and Jared Polis are pushing the Senate to reconsider the public option.

For those people who are genuinely concerned about the Federal deficit, the public option is the better choice as it cuts over $100 billion from the deficit over a ten-year period, in addition to providing better coverage for more Americans than ever before.

The good guys are winning for a change, and it’s because they planned ahead and thought several moves ahead.

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A Victory for Sanity

Posted by MEC on January 27, 2010

Secretary of State Clinton has reversed the Bush regime’s decision to deny visas to Adam Habib, the deputy vice chancellor of research, innovation and advancement at the University of Johannesburg, and Tariq Ramadan, a professor of contemporary Islamic studies at the University of Oxford.

Both of these emininent scholars had been banned from entering the U.S. because officials equated criticism of Bushevik policies with terrorism.

They must now reapply for visas, but the past excuses for rejecting them can no longer be used, so they are expected to receive quick approval.

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Honduras Coup, Act VII, Dictatorship

Posted by Charles II on January 27, 2010

This marks the end of my daily journals on Honduras. With the inauguration of Pretendisent Lobo, Honduras has ceased to be governed by a tyrant who seized power and is under a true dictatorship: enough people have been passive or complicit in the destruction of their democracy that one must sadly say that this is their dictatorship.

Freedom is also theirs to claim. If there are developments in that story, I will report them as I am able. Meanwhile, I leave to you the final section of my Kos diaries on Honduras here.

Peace be with Hondurans, especially with los de abajo.
Patuca Warrior would like it to be known that Honduran Campesino has moved to

Only the Sun Myung Moon-owned UPI: “Zelaya threat clouds Honduras outlook for normalcy”

What did he say?

“We’ll be back,” Zelaya told reporters and some of the thousands of supporters gathered at the airport to see him and his family off. (His wife said the same).

Lord, it is hard not to hate the twisters of the media.

According to Nice Polite Republicans: “About 6,000 supporters gathered outside the airport yelled ‘Mel, our friend, the people are with you!’ as his plane took off.” [Added: Habla Honduras says 300,000. Having seen the photos and the film, I’m gonna give this one to NPR. Many more in spirit.]

Globo is back on the Internet. Music. A semblance of normality.


Since Nell is speaking of concrete, let it be known that people are lifting the concrete barriers from around the Brazilian embassy. Truly a “bring down that wall” moment.

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