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Spring Planting

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 22, 2010

Well, more like spring container garden seeding, in my case.

I went down to the local gardening store and picked up the following items:

— A packet of tomato seeds (of the plum-shaped “Roma” variety)

— A container of seed starter plugs

— A bunch of biodegradable seedling cups made out of cow poop

I’ve got four of the plugs well soaked and seeded and under a dome to hold in the humidity; I massively overseeded each plug (this was by accident, not design) and so should have at least a few seeds sprout; I’ll put any extra thriving seedlings in fresh plugs. When the seedlings are big enough, they’ll go into cow cups, and then into my tray. (If some of my alleged perennials didn’t survive this winter, then I’ll have room for lots of sprouts.)

This is going to be the Year of the Tomato.

7 Responses to “Spring Planting”

  1. joel hanes said

    you inspire me.

    if it ever stops raining, I vow to tear the weeds off the tomato bed,
    empty a sack of composted steer manure over the top, and turn the bed with a spade.

    • There you go!

      I’ve actually sprouted tomatoes from seed in the past, but it’s such a pain. However, I was so eager to do something after four frickin’ months of winter that I decided to give starting from seed another whirl. (Hint: You know those high-domed plastic trays that roasted chicken is often sold in? They make great seed nurseries.)

  2. jo6pac said

    I’m late but Ya the fava beans are coming along and it’s time to start seeds. I spent a few long days between rains to spread 20 yards of compost and tilled into the soil it was nothing but fun. I saw my landlord for the first time in 5yrs and said they would replace the spetic tank this yr and all the hard work might be down the drain because the tank is in the garden area. I sure hope I can talk with the installer. I hope to have the green house built by fall.

    • Charles II said

      If that was cubic yards, Jo, I hope you had a Republican handy, rather than having to buy it yourself.

      • jo6pac said

        It comes for the locally owned disposal company and I had 40yds delivered last yr. It’s $5 per yard plus $100 to deliver. It’s high in ammonia but if you let it set and then till into the soil it works great. I needed a couple of Rs to spread it around for me since their so good at that. This year everything will be from non-hybrid seeds.

      • Charles II said

        Well, 40 cubic yards is definitely a lot of bull, Jo.

        I can see why you would need two Republicans to spread it.

    • Can you ask them to wait until after the first frost?

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