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Behold The Power Of Exxon Mobil!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 27, 2010

They can bankroll the people who take the hacked and stolen e-mails of climate-change scientists and then lie about the e-mails’ contents — and every single TV network and major paper treats their bankrolled tools’ version of events as truth, or at least as a legitimate way of discussing the subject.

Yet when Bjorn Lomborg, their favorite fake environmentalist and ethically-compromised political scientist masquerading as a climate-change expert, is revealed to be a mass of deceit whose favorite trick is the Ann Coulter method (as shown here and here) of claiming that a footnote cite you’re making backs up your point when it really doesn’t, the TradMed silence is deafening. If it wasn’t for P.Z. Myers‘ passing along this Newsweek article, I would never have known about it. It certainly hasn’t been a story, much less a lead story, every single night on at least one of the networks for weeks on end.

7 Responses to “Behold The Power Of Exxon Mobil!”

  1. Stormcrow said

    They can bankroll hackers who steal e-mails of climate-change scientists and then lie about the e-mails’ contents ..

    Sorry, PW, but the piece in MediaMatters Action Network does not allege that Exxon Mobil funded the hack itself.

    They exploited the hell out of it, beyond question.

    And I was dumbfounded when the folks at the CRU defended themselves, as if they had done something wrong! You don’t defend in a situation like that. You ATTACK. You take the evidence of the felony, and you ram it right down the throats of the people exploiting it. Make them eat it and wear it.

    Chocolate jesus, what naifs.

    But I figured at the time that the funding for the attack itself would be damned near impossible to winkle out. Because it would require the wildest stroke of luck to even apprehend the perps themselves, let alone whoever was behind this. If anybody major even was.

    PW, you caught the news of the Google attacks, right? Well, if you spend some time reading security blogs, you’d almost certainly see the phrase “advanced persistent threat”. It’s a new phrase. Had no special meaning until just last year.

    What it means now is that if somebody, anybody wants your data badly enough, he, or they, will probably get it. Just use the methods now standard in the blackhat communities, and do not quit until you’ve got what you want.

    That attack on Google? Yeah, almost certainly happened at the behest of the PRC. But they didn’t need very deep pockets, I assure you. And they didn’t do it in-house either; they outsourced it.

    Something like the CRU hack? Christ on a crutch, this could have been done by a bunch of complete throwaways. Wingnuts with a grudge and no connection to Exxon Mobil that even the CIA could trace. Not even with the perps locked up and cooperating with the most desperate eagerness.

    Let me ask you a rhetorical question.

    Do you think James Dobson, or anyone else at the top of one of the the theocratic cabals in this country even knew Scott Roeder’s name before he was arrested?

    Not a chance. That’s not the way the American version of 4’th generation war works.

    Here’s how it works.

    You build your propaganda machine and you run it non-stop for decades. Pump your base as full of eliminationist rhetoric as you possibly can.

    And then you sit back and wait. There are millions of them. Sooner or later, your Golden Nutcase will emerge. Somebody who’s unstable to begin with, and who takes it into his unused and diseased mind to go out with a bang.

    Imprecise, sure. But this does not matter if your design intent is to create an atmosphere of fear. The more unpredictable, the better. And your operational security and insulation from the actual strike could not possibly be better. The attackers really don’t know you, or have any connection with you, except for the filth you’ve been filling their heads with. No solid lines. No dotted lines. No nothing.

    The hack of the CRU was cut from the same bolt of cloth, probability four nines or better. Because there simply wasn’t any need to get closer to the computer intrusion than that.

    And because that’s how the game is played these days.

  2. Charles II said

    I suggest amending the post, PW. The article says that Exxon Mobil funded the hacks who publicized the e-mails. Very likely they know who the hackers are, and hopefully a criminal complaint will force them to divulge that information, but so far there’s no evidence that Exxon Mobil directly funded the hacking.

  3. Stormcrow said

    Charles, an important part of what I was trying to get across is that if the people who run Exxon Mobil are even half as smart as Bill O’Reilly, which isn’t saying much, they don’t even want to know who broke into the CRU.

    In the first place, things like that leave traces, both in people’s memories and in computers. Hard drives, proxy logs, email servers, you name it. This is a risk that no combination of vigilance and pains-taking can completely eliminate.

    The only effective way to sanitize a computer hard drive, short of physically tearing it to pieces, is to overwrite the entire platter with random data. Three passes will do this. But try to do it piecemeal, by just overwriting the files you know of which you deem incriminating? That will only get you convicted, if the forensics guy who examines it is any good.

    In the second place, it isn’t necessary. Not when there are tens of millions of people in this country alone who place more credence in Fox News than in their own lying eyes. This is a numbers game.

    Suppose you want to sponsor some type of domestic terrorism. Like killing doctors who perform abortions, for example. Here’s how you do it with maximum effectiveness and minimum risk.

    Take a million people. Fill them up with hate rhetoric for two or three decades. If 999,999 of these people refuse to venture into blatant criminality and only one is screwy enough to cross that line, you win. And you never ever have to speak directly to this guy, or even know who he is.

    The idea behind this method is at least 850 years old.

    Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?

    But the American radical right has refined this process to a degree that Henry II could never have imagined.

    In the third place, this has been going on in this country for decades now.

    I find it hard to believe that you haven’t been following Dave Neiwert’s work over at Orcinus, or C&L. He’s spent at least the last dozen years carefully tracking this activity. Which is about twice as long as I’ve even known it existed.

    • Thing is, it’s coming back to bite them in the ass. The original founders of the tea party movement are really pissed that the GOP’s coopted it to try and get these folks back in the RNC fold — and that pissed-off-ed-ness is going to manifest itself in ugly ways soon. Sow the crazy racist wind, reap the batshit-crazy racist teabagger whirlwind.

    • Charles II said

      Stormcrow, it has been a regular part of this country’s politics for over a hundred years.

      Ever hear of lynching?

      The system of racial hatred was stirred up by influential whites for the purpose of misdirecting populist white anger against their tyranny, as well as for terrorizing African Americans.

      Then there was the first Red Scare, largely motivated by wealthy industrialists to put down the labor movement.

      And the second Red Scare, used to break the New Deal.

      Of course I’m aware of Dave Neiwert and his work on leaderless resistance. I very much enjoyed, if that’s the word for appreciating courageous journalism, “Death on the Fourth of July,” He’s far from the first writer on the topic. The Klan is really the prototype.

      But I am also aware of how the far right operates. Some of the money boys can’t resist getting their fingers dirty.

  4. Thanks, gents! Post edited accordingly.

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