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News you’ll read only here

Posted by Charles II on March 2, 2010


ACORN Cleared in New York Probe

Here in New York, employees of the anti-poverty group ACORN have been cleared of criminal wrongdoing after a five-month investigation conducted by the Brooklyn District Attorney office. The probe began after right-wing activists secretly videotaped ACORN employees giving tax advice to a couple posing as a pimp and a prostitute.

So, with the help of FOX News and Andrew Breitbart, a right-wing sociopath succeeds in destroying the one main organization that gets the poor involved in politics and gets dozens of innocent people investigated, all over heavily edited remarks by a few low-level employees.

If there were justice in America, ACORN would be successfully suing The New York Times, FOX News and The Washington Times into insolvency.

Added: I hadn’t realized that the NYT was this culpable. As usual, Tom Tomorrow proves that I am way too trusting:

(From via Bradblog)

Speaking as a potential member of the jury pool, if the NYT ever did get sued by ACORN, I’d be very tempted to say that I knew nothing about the controversy, just to get a chance to find them liable. B——-s.

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In Case You Wondered How Politico Comes Up With Its Stories

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 2, 2010

Now it can be revealed!

I can just see them trying to link Joe Biden to the Zodiac killer. Wait, didn’t Mort Zuckerman already try that?

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