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A lawbreaker brought to justice

Posted by Charles II on March 9, 2010

The US preaches free trade, but practices illegal dumping. The BBC:

The Brazilian government has announced trade sanctions against a variety of American goods in retaliation for illegal US subsidies to cotton farmers.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) approved the sanctions in a rare move.

Brazil published a list of 100 US goods that would be subject to import tariffs in 30 days, unless the two governments reached a last-minute accord.

It said it regretted the sanctions, but that eight years of litigation had failed to produce a result.

It said it would raise tariffs on $591m (£393m) worth of US products – from cars, where the tariff will increase from 35% to 50%, to milk powder, which would see a 20% increase in the levy.

The US government also preaches self-reliance and practices corporate socialism, preaches free speech and has created a media run by a handful of wealthy companies, preaches democracy and practices despotism…

This WTO decision is yet one more sign of failing American power. When our government does these unjust things, subsidizing American products with taxpayer dollars and them dumping them at below-cost prices into foreign markets simply to ruin their producers and enrich certain US interests, it deserves to lose that power.

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Senator Liz Cheney?

Posted by Charles II on March 9, 2010

Bill Berkowitz, SC:

According to Salon’s Gabriel Winant, “at the urging of friends, family and GOP operatives,” Liz Cheney is considering a run for Congress or the Senate from either her current home state of Virginia “or the Cheney ancestral homeland of Wyoming.” Winant reported that “According to longtime Cheney friend former Sen. Alan Simpson, R-Wy., Liz was especially hurt by what she saw at her father’s mistreatment at the hands of the press and even other Republicans.”

Berkowitz does drift into making something of the fact that Liz Cheney is liked by people who like her father (Michelle Malkin, Eliot Abrams) and funded by not-so-reputable Republican stalwarts like Mel Sembler (President George W. Bush’s ambassador to Italy, chairman of the Scooter Libby Defense Trust, “part of Freedom Watch, a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying group launched to support Bush’s War in Iraq,” co-founder of “a chain of drug rehabilitation clinics called Straight, Inc., which ultimately folded under charges of abuse” [Gabriel Winant, Salon] …where “state investigators and/or civil lawsuits documented scores of abuses including teens being beaten, deprived of food and sleep for days, restrained by fellow youth for hours, bound, sexually humiliated, abused and spat upon.[Reason, 2007]). One has to ask, what does Berkowitz expect? That Tikkun, the CCR, and ACORN will be backers?

That’s a quibble. Berkowitz starts to raise the issues that will need to be raised if Liz Cheney runs for Senator. Is it appropriate for a representative of the people to
* believe that “college and university faculty were ‘the weak link in America’s response to the attack’ on September 11,” as a report by her organization ACTA claimed?
* “name a number of academics that it maintained to be out of step with public opinion on the war on terrorism”?
* support torture?
* maintain “that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has hired a host of terrorist sympathizers to work in the Justice Department,” as an ad her organization issued claims?

It’s usually a bad idea for the children of politicians to run for office. John Quincy Adams was no John Adams. Patrick Kennedy is no Ted Kennedy. Evan Bayh is no Birch Bayh. Even George W. Bush is no George H. W. Bush.

In Liz Cheney’s case, even if she were twice as benevolent as her father, she’d be a monster. It would be a national tragedy if she were to be elected to the Senate.

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