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All you have to know about the Republican (Ryan) Plan

Posted by Charles II on March 10, 2010

Can’t these people do anything original? The Tax Policy Center on the Ryan Plan for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, taxes, and the Restaurant at the End of the Universe:

Federal revenues under the Roadmap would decline substantially as a percentage of GDP….the top quintile would see their after-tax income jump 11 percent. Within that group, the top 1 percent would gain an average of 26 percent and the top 0.1 percent a whopping 36 percent. The share of total taxes paid by the bottom 80 percent would rise from 35 percent to 42 percent, while the share paid by the top 1 percent would fall by nearly half from 25 percent to 13.5 percent.

Another free candy giveaway, with most of the goodies going to the people at the top! I’m sure our media will love the proposal.

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