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Bart Stupak has a challenger

Posted by Charles II on March 10, 2010

Connie Saltonstall will challenge Bart Stupak in the primary. Michael Moore vouches for her. Stupak, of course, is the idiot stalling healthcare reform because he wants to make it financially impossible for most women to have access to abortion. His measure is wildly unconstitutional (if the Supreme Court were not a bunch of intellectual prostitutes), unnecessary (federal funding of abortion is already banned under the Hyde Amendment) and impossible (since the only path forward is for the House to pass the Senate bill without amendment, then do fixes through reconciliation).

Democrats in Michigan’s First Congressional District will now have a choice in the August Primary. Connie Saltonstall has announced she will challenge Bart Stupak for the Democratic Nomination for United States Representative. This week supporters of Saltonstall launched a petition drive to collect the 1,000 signatures required to place her name on the August primary ballot.

This is doable, folks. Just dial in to ActBlue and let Bart Stupak know you don’t appreciate his attitude toward women.

4 Responses to “Bart Stupak has a challenger”

  1. Guss Asamere said

    This selfish Congressman who imposes his personal believes of abortion on the interest of millions of Americans who needed health care should go and be replaced. We all need to do our level best to see him leave in the next ellction. Since he enjoys a free health care at the expenses of the tax tapers he can not feel the pain until he loose his job and be replaced by some one who stands up for universal health care and social justice

  2. Gene said

    Well, we can only hope you’re successful since this is a relatively strong Republican district that would probably go Republican if Stupak wasn’t on the ballot. Good luck!

    • Charles said

      Gene, it’s our responsibility to clear out people who are corrupt. It became clear that Stupak was doing the bidding not of the Catholic Church or his conscience, but of the insurance industry.

      It’s your responsibility, as a Republican, to clear out the corrupt people in your party. Unfortunately for you, if you did, there wouldn’t be anyone left, because every last one of them is owned by the insurance industry.

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