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Tell them!

Posted by Charles II on March 10, 2010

PBS has seen the last of any donations from me. They are apparently planning to replace Bill Moyers with Newsweek’s Jon Meacham:

…I think we should be taking the possibility of a Dick Cheney bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 more seriously, for a run would be good for the Republicans and good for the country. (The sound you just heard in the background was liberal readers spitting out their lattes.)

Why? Because Cheney is a man of conviction, has a record on which he can be judged, and whatever the result, there could be no ambiguity about the will of the people. The best way to settle arguments is by having what we used to call full and frank exchanges about the issues, and then voting. A contest between Dick Cheney and Barack Obama would offer us a bracing referendum on competing visions.

Yeah, it’s a d–n shame that Tim McVeigh is no longer with us. Now there was a man of conviction! No qualifications for the presidency, nothing positive to offer, and a mass murderer to boot, but he had conviction.

Nothing is done… yet. If you don’t like what they are believed to be doing, tell them.

5 Responses to “Tell them!”

  1. MEC said

    Jon Meacham in particular would be an offensive choice to replace Bill Moyers.

    In general, I am appalled by the numerous crossovers between the commercial media and the public media. On PBS and NPR, there are too many people who get the bulk of their income from and therefore owe their allegiance to big media conglomerates and not to the public.

    • Charles II said

      There are a lot of good journalists out of work, notably Bob Parry (who used to do Frontline). It’s criminal that someone who thinks that controversy is more important than our nation’s well being should be seriously considered to replace Moyers.

  2. jo6pac said

    Yep, Nice Repug Radio meets Pleasant Bastard Space being brought to you from the King G jr library, you know the one filled with books that when opened pictures pop up. The take over of the liberal media is complete.

    Everything is on schedule, please move along.

  3. Consider people told!

  4. Suzan said

    Thanks for the heads up, friend.

    I’ve been saying the same about PBS/NPR for years – ever since the Rethugs replaced all the managers with trolls and the programming went to shit.

    And that Meacham is one of the biggest D.C. frauds going. He wrote a religious book about the unknown life of Jesus – which he is knowledgeable enough to have thousands of words of opinion about.

    Halfway through a Charlie Rose show on it, he admitted that he had no knowledge of any of it – that no one did – and Charlie just laughed along with him about his clever ruse for the rubes.



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