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There is something wrong with these people

Posted by Charles II on March 14, 2010

I saw the following via TPM in an article by Robert Gehrke in the Salt Lake Tribune:

House Majority Leader Kevin Garn announced Saturday he was resigning from the Utah Legislature, two days after revelations of a nude hot-tubbing incident with a [15 year-old] minor [who was an employee of his] 25 years ago and a [$150,000] payment to keep it quiet.

Seeing the “25 years ago,” I was about to dismiss it, especially since there was at most “touching and physical contact” and no sex, and then I saw this:

With the news about to break, Garn made an emotional statement from the House floor Thursday night, with his wife by his side, apologizing to his colleagues and constituents. …
[insert standard political BS]
His statement drew a standing ovation from his House colleagues, many of whom lined up to console Garn and his wife. (emphasis added)

There is something wrong about people who would applaud a man who not only committed an act verging on statutory rape on an employee, but also paid a huge amount of money in what amounts to a blackmail scheme– all of this sanctioned by a Mormon bishop!

The lady’s conduct stinks to high heaven, too. Kevin Garn and Larry Craig: heroes to the elected members of the “Conservative” movement.

(I have to give credit to a blogger, Holly Richardson, calling herself a Conservative who said, “…I still thought it was outrageous [to applaud]. He just admitted to paying $150,000 to a woman who he had had an inappropriate encounter with when he was twice her age. He was married. He was in the hot tub naked with this young girl and to have any kind of applause or anything was just stunning.” If she wants morality from politicians, she should switch sides. Ours may not be any more chaste, but I did not see any Democratic politicians applaud Bill Clinton for the Lewinsky affair.)

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