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LASC report on Haiti: rains, foreign occupation threaten progress

Posted by Charles II on March 23, 2010

The full report is here. An excerpt:

Near universal complaints and demands that we heard include: The demand for the return of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who was removed from office and flown into exile by the U.S. military on Feb. 29, 2004.

The charge that MINUSTAH (and now the U.S. military) has become a force of repression and criminality rather than stability and that Haiti’s security and stability would be better guaranteed by expenditures on schools and human resource development than on the foreign occupation.

The charge that international aid is not reaching the poor majority, where it is most urgently needed, but has instead been spent on building prisons, or for
salaries and vehicles for international NGOs, or has been siphoned away into the pockets of political cronies of the current government.

Charges that economic development plans for Haiti are strictly in line with a failed neoliberal model of privatization and low wage assembly plants that will
keep Haiti from developing, while driving down wages in other countries of the hemisphere, including those in the U.S. and Canada.

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The Clown Car Comes To MN-04

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 23, 2010

The Pioneer Press‘ Bill Salisbury must have had a tough time not laughing out loud as he typed this up concerning the four announced Republican challengers for Betty McCollum’s seat, three of whom attended a GOP candidate forum last Thursday:

[Joe] Blum, 29, who recently resigned as an ice rink manager’s assistant and hockey announcer to campaign full time, said the “tea party atmosphere” that is sweeping the nation would help him win.

“I’m a firm believer in the tea party. It’s going to thrive,” he predicted.

Well, gee, tell that to Doug Hoffman over in NY-23. I’m sure he’ll love to hear it.

[Teresa] Collett, 53, has a more developed plan for winning. No Republican candidate has spent more than $250,000 to defeat McCollum, she said, and she thinks it will take at least $1 million and an “army of volunteers” to win. She’s confident she can raise that sum from a nationwide network of contacts.

After money and volunteers, her strategy calls for one more ingredient: “Give me three debates with Betty,” she said.

I hope, should those debates occur, that Betty asks for them to be held at Rumours, and that she brings up Prof. Collett’s homophobia.

But I digress:

[Brad] Lee, 60, said he decided to run last summer because he was concerned about Congress’ “uncontrolled spending” and the debt it is heaping on his children and grandchild.

With 35 years of business experience, Lee said, he knows what it takes to expand the economy. He’d start by cutting federal taxes and reducing tax burdens.

A Navy Vietnam veteran and Cardinal Stritch University graduate, he managed manufacturing plants before starting his financial-services business. He has been active in Republican campaigns since 2002 and already has the endorsement of the White Bear Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Lee thinks he can win, in part, because he sees strong signs of support everywhere he goes, including cheers from the crowd at the St. Paul St. Patrick’s Day parade. “People are really energized this year,” he said.

Dude, it’s St. Paddy’s Day. People are drunk. Drunks cheer anything.

[Gene] Rechtzigel, the fourth Republican candidate, did not attend the forum and declined to be interviewed before the party’s April 17 endorsing convention in Vadnais Heights.

Probably a wise move.

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