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The Neo-Confederates Ride Again!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 28, 2010

As many of you no doubt know, Patrick McHenry (R-NC) wants to replace Ulysses S. Grant on the $50 with Ronald Reagan — an idea that even McHenry’s fellow Tarheels aren’t too thrilled about.

But McHenry — whose main claim to fame before this was as being like fellow conservative Republican David Dreier in that he was effectively outed as gay, then effectively un-outed in a mass forgetting process that only seems to exist for conservative Republicans — isn’t just trying to honor the man who may have been our worst president ever.

Here’s a test: Ask Rep. McHenry why we shouldn’t replace Andrew Jackson or Alexander Hamilton with Ronald Reagan. Dollars to doughnuts, he’ll react like a vampire in a tanning booth.

The deal here is that this is a twofer: McHenry and his buddies are using Reagan to attack Grant.

You know, the guy who kicked Jeff Davis’ ass?

The guy whose armies freed the slaves?

The guy who, when he became president, did more for the civil rights of African-Americans than any other president from Lincoln to LBJ?

The guy whose memory in general (and presidential tenure in particular) has been systematically trashed by generations of Confederate-sympathetic historians, who emphasized the corruption of some of Grant’s associates whilst ignoring the far greater corruption of the Gilded Age presidents that followed him?

Now you know why McHenry’s doing what he’s doing.

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Honduran dictatorship, day 61

Posted by Charles II on March 28, 2010

First, this amazing news: [corrected, thanks to Alfredo]

The Central American Parliament (Parlacen) has been caught up in the political confrontation in Honduras between Manuel Zelaya, the president who was ousted on Jun. 28, and the leader of the coup government, Roberto Micheletti, because the regional body is having a hard time deciding which of the two it should accept as a member.

There has been more violence since this series was last updated, and again Adrienne Pine has been one of the few English-language sources on the Net to aggregate the events.

Via Adrienne as translator, a report on Vos from Cesar Silva, “This morning journalists José Bayardo Mairena Ramírez and Manuel Juárez were murdered, killed by numerous [60] gunshots. The murders took place in the department of Olancho, on the highway to the city of Juticalpa….Reporter José Bayardo Mairena Martínez worked in the local Canal 4 and was considered one of the most hard-hitting journalists in the region of Olancho department, who strongly questioned the coup d’etat carried out June 28, 2009. He also had systematically denounced the constant human rights violations carried out by the army and police against citizens in resistance on the radio station in Olancho where he worked. For his part, journalist Manuel Juárez, who worked at Radio Excélsior and Canal 4, also had strongly criticized the violent acts going on in the country.”

The slaughter of journalists is so prevalent that even the AP has taken brief notice (not mentioning that all these murders are probably by the government).

In addition, Silva says:

The executive board of the labor union of the workers at the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) were arbitrarily arrested on the afternoon of Thursday, March 25th and immediately sent to prison with their hands and feet cuffed like terrifying criminals.

The union leaders, 16 in all, are accused of the crime of sedition. Of those, 11 were jailed. Five of those were given house arrest on account of their advanced age, and the other six were sent to prison. The remaining five have gone into hiding to escape capture.

The individuals under arrest include the union president René Andino, and Orbelina Zúñiga Gutiérrez, Óscar Orlando Salgado and Marco Antonio Moreno.

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