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Could Someone Please Explain…

Posted by MEC on March 29, 2010

… why the “Christian” militia members who were arrested this weekend for plotting to kill law-enforcement officers in order to spark an uprising against the U.S. government are not considered terrorists?

The federal indictment [PDF file] cites five charges against them, including “attempt to use weapons of mass destruction”, but does not mention “terrorist” or “terrorism”.

Is it because they’re grossly distorting the teachings of the Bible, not the Koran?

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Mary LaHammer’s Selective Gatekeeping

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 29, 2010

Mary LaHammer, whose TPT show is tasked with allegedly covering events at Minnesota’s State Capitol, is getting all dog-in-the-manger about the presence of The UpTake in the Capitol’s press corps. Per Politics In Minnesota’s Sarah Janacek (who by the way is a hardcore Republican operative best known for falsely claiming that closed-captioned TVs were being used as “applause signs” at Williams Arena during the Wellstone memorial event):

TPT’s political reporter and “Almanac at the Capitol” host Mary LaHammer confirms that TPT also has concerns about The Uptake’s presence in the press room, noting that TPT is “zealous” about anyone or any organization using any TPT resources for partisan purposes, because of the public television company’s nonprofit status.

Funnily enough, neither Mary LaHammer nor TPT seem to have ever had any problems with Michael Brodkorb, who was a paid Republican activist and blogger even as he pretended to be just some guy who just happened to have a couple of blogs that served as conduits for Republican oppo attacks on Democrats. (Brodkorb now works as a Deputy Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota.)

Neither does she have a problem with pushing baseless anti-Democratic smears, as MNPublius’ Zack Stephenson pointed out in October of 2008.

Maybe instead of trying to get The UpTake banished from the press pool for being too “partisan”, she could perhaps stop being such an easy mark for Republican smear merchants. Or is that too much to ask?

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