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The iPad: Yes Or No?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 4, 2010

So what do you think about the newest product from Apple?

Yea, nay, or somewhere in between?


3 Responses to “The iPad: Yes Or No?”

  1. Nick said

    I say Nay. its kinda like a big Ipod or a small, not so functional laptop\netbook. It does what phones are already doing, just with a bigger screen and no phone. If you got money to blow, it would be fun to have!

  2. mississippifarian said

    As soon as I’ve read some more user reviews, I’m buying the low end model. I’ve wanted a tablet reader for years, mostly so I can enjoy comics and books while sitting in my easy chair with my feet up.

    I don’t want it to be a phone, I just want a Kindle with color and better resolution, and that’s what I’ve wanted for over ten years now.

    My iPad will be as indispensable to me as my iPod, and will let me further control my media intake to just the stuff I want to see/hear.

  3. I’ve already got an iTouch, but I can see myself getting an iPad eventually. I’ll probably stick with the wi-fi version.

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