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Left behinds

Posted by Charles II on April 6, 2010

Not just the right, but parts of the left are being swept up in madness. The latest example of this that I found was on Chris Floyd’s Empire Burlesque. Read the following and see if you can spot a problem or two:

Charles Davis (via Jon Schwarz) has an incisive take on the high fluttery flail induced in our imperial courtiers by the latest Tea Party tantrums. Davis demolishes a piece in The Nation by progressive paladin Maria Harris-Lacewell, in which she waxes lyrical — not to nonsensical — about the great threat to “the legitimacy of the state” posed by Tea Partiers disrespecting our elected officials. These acts — spitting, swearing, insulting, shouting, etc. — which might have been considered legitimate expressions of citizen anger (or at least good clean fun) if directed at, say, George Dubya or Dick Nixon, are now to be regarded as — I kid you not — “an act of sedition” when aimed at the ruling party.

If you noticed that spitting has never been considered good clean fun, but is legally considered assault, score yourself one point. Same for noticing that shouting the N-word (or the F-word at Barney Frank) may not be a crime, but neither do many of us regard it as good clean fun. Now, if you noticed that Floyd got Harris-Lacewell’s first name wrong, score five points. Her name is Melissa. But if you actually clicked through and discovered that the error on her name traces back to Charles Davis, who mis-cites Michael J. Smith, a self-proclaimed lefty who asks,quotes without shame a reader asking of Harris-Lacewell, “This is the one who writes like a ham sandwich, right? No wit, no style, no depth, no likable persona…. Is she sleeping with someone? Is she doing the column for free?” (emphasis added), then score yourself a full 25 points. [correction thanks to Red in the thread below]

Apparently Floyd never read the article before citing Davis [Added: He says he did; I’d say, maybe so, but not very closely], and apparently Davis doesn’t know enough about Harris-Lacewell to get her name right. She also happens to be a tenured professor of politics and African American studies at Princeton, even if she “writes like a ham sandwich.” Michael J. Smith is… a guy. Charles Davis is “an independent journalist,” who contributes to Inter Press Service,, Common Dreams and– apparently the kind of journalist who doesn’t stop to get the name right and thinks that asking who a woman is sleeping with to disparage her work is fair comment. None of this is to say that the professor can’t be wrong, and the guy and the independent journalist can’t be right. I’m just sayin’.

So, on to substance. Read the rest of this entry »

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Honking The Clown Car’s Horn In MN-01

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 6, 2010

Ho-hum. Another election cycle, another spate of attempts to pretend that Tim Walz is in dire danger of losing his Congressional seat. This despite the clear evidence that the NRCC has no intentions of wasting any money against a guy who beat their last nominee like a gong.

First, the StarTribune:

The Mankato teacher-turned-politician was largely unknown until he ran as a centrist Democrat four years ago and knocked off a seemingly safe GOP incumbent.

Now a clutch of Republicans vying to take on Walz see the First District as their best chance to pick up a House seat in Minnesota during an election year that is expected to be tough for Democrats. They’ve all homed in on his vote for President Obama’s health care overhaul, which the GOP portrays as creeping government expansion out of step with the southern Minnesota district that was long in Republican hands.

Next, the place that pays Ann Coulter’s bills, Human Events — which has apparently chosen Elmer Fudd lookalike Jim Hagedorn over the unelectably creepy Allen Quist, the confirmed lightweight Randy Demmer (who fell to an attack launched by one of his GOP rivals the last time he tried to run for Walz’ seat), the unspeakable Jim Engstrand, and the utterly unknown Frank McKinzie:

In spelling out what he means by a “passionate conservative,” [Republican candidate and would-be nominee Jim] Hagedorn means “defeating the liberals by repealing and replacing Obamacare; enacting Reagan-JFK across-the-board tax cuts to create private sector jobs; slashing domestic spending; unleashing U.S. fossil fuel and nuclear energy production; standing firm for innocent life and traditional marriage; and taking a hard-line on captured terrorists (“Give them last rites, not Miranda rights!”).

He also vows a hard-hitting campaign against Walz, who, in Hagedorn’s words, “has voted to impose Washington, D.C.,-based control over our lives and livelihoods, everything I am committed to stop—big-government healthcare, Keynesian stimulus packages, cap and trade, abortion on demand, and closing Guantanamo Bay. Walz’s voting card is locked in Pelosi’s purse!”

Way to go with the outright lies and sexism, Jim — though it’s true that you’re not exactly unfamiliar with making outrageous statements. I guess with noted feminist Allen Quist running to your right, you have no choice short of actually draping your wife in a burqa when she accompanies you on the campaign trail (except that you apparently don’t have a wife, something I expect your primary opponents are going to make much of behind your back). Too bad for you that what works with Republican primary voters doesn’t work with the general public.

Somehow I have the feeling that, while Representative Walz is most definitely prepared, he’s not exactly terrified of any of these blokes.

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