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Truth, too late

Posted by Charles II on April 10, 2010

Peter Kornbluh of National Security Archive, in Politics Daily:

On the morning of Sept. 21, 1976, former Chilean foreign minister Orlando Letelier and two young colleagues drove to work in the scenic Washington neighborhood known as Embassy Row. As Letelier’s Chevrolet Chevelle passed the residency of the Chilean ambassador and rounded Sheridan Circle, a bomb placed under the driver’s seat by agents of the Chilean secret police detonated. Letelier, a vocal critic of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, died at the scene. His 26-year-old colleague, Ronni Karpen Moffitt, bled to death from a shard of metal that struck her jugular vein. Her husband, Michael Moffitt, was blown out the back window of the vehicle and survived….

Five days before the Letelier-Moffitt assassination, Kissinger called off a planned warning to Pinochet and other South American military leaders against orchestrating “a series of international murders” of their opponents around the globe.

The secretary “has instructed that no further action be taken on this matter,” stated a September 16, 1976 cable sent from Africa…

Is there any real doubt that Henry Kissinger and the CIA were behind Operation Condor? Why have the authors of these murders been hidden from us for 44 years?

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