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Now Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 13, 2010

Because I like my knees, that’s why.

Still, if you equipped this with an electric motor boost to help you up the hills, this is a scarily attractive concept. Or maybe I just need professional help.

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The Beauty Contests

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 13, 2010

There was yet another conservative beauty contest down in a former state of the Confederacy, and as usual, names like Ron Paul and Sarah Palin did well, and Tim Pawlenty did poorly. The one real surprise is how well Mitt Romney, who created the health care plan that is very similar to the HCR plan that got passed earlier this year and that Republicans profess to hate, did among people disposed not to trust him as a known Mormon and an alleged “liberal”.

These beauty contests are a sop to the base. None of the people here, with the possible exception of the Mittster, is going to be anywhere near the 2012 ticket, much less the top of it. That role will go, barring his being found with a live man or a dead woman, to John Thune. (It was going to be John Ensign, who is even physically prettier than Thune, but his hopes got smashed when his mistress’ hubby started squawking.)

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