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Honduras dictatorship, day 78

Posted by Charles II on April 14, 2010

Bajo Aguan remains the key hotspot. A number of human rights groups, notably Pax Christi, FIDH, and CEJIL have signed a call to end the threats and violence. Rights Action has issued a bulletin posted on Quotha stating that:

Rights Action has received multiple, credible reports of alarming developments in the Bajo Aguan region of Honduras’ north coast that threaten the lives, security and other fundamental human rights of approximately 15,000 men, women and children who are being threatened with forced eviction, wrongful arrest and a progressive intensification of police, military and paramilitary violence.

The government of Pretendisent Lobo is trying to coerce the farmers who are squatting on what may well be their own land to work as corvee laborers for the palm oil agribusiness enterprise operated by Miguel Facusse. RAJ says that the media is variously reporting that the farmers’ organization MUCA has rejected the government’s demands or is negotiating, as if anyone can negotiate with troops ready to move in. La Tribuna claims that a few hours after MUCA signed an agreement with the government, the leader of the National Agrarian Institute, Coronado Ávila Mendoza, was arrested on charges of “usurpation.” El Lib says that the police have a list of people to be arrested, and that at least five people from Guadalupe Carney were detained for 40 minutes before release. A dozen members of that community have been murdered.

There was a march is San Pedro Sula against the militarization and anticipated desalojo (eviction) of squatters (who may be legal landowners) in Bajo Aguan. Tiempo says 100 people attended, but the photos look like several hundred to my eyes.

RNS has an important post on the Half-Truth Commission and why it is simply incapable of functioning as a Truth Commission. Former Guatemalan President and Half-Truth Commission member Eduardo Stein reportedly says that they will seal away any findings for 10 years. There are a few minor problems with that, as RNS points out, linking to the UN Truth Commissions for Dummies manual: the point of truth commissions is to, um, establish for general knowledge the truth, among other reasons because:
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“A Referendum On Health Care”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 14, 2010


…Ed Lynch, a Republican in FL-19, spent the last month or so telling everyone who would listen – and a few who wouldn’t – that his campaign in the FL-19 special election to replace the retired Robert Wexler would be a referendum on the out of control Democratic Party in the wake of the health care vote. That passage was wildly unpopular across the country, Lynch maintained, and he would benefit.

If by “benefit” he meant “merely get beaten like a gong as opposed to utterly and abjectly humiliated”, perhaps he was right. Otherwise, not so much.

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