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A Note For My Fellow Cyclists

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 18, 2010

I was tootling home on Wheelock Parkway, riding my bike at my standard slowpoke pace, when a pack of male spandex apostles zipped by me as I approached the intersection with Arlington; they then turned right down Arlington, right in front of me, chatting amongst themselves but without a word to the middle-aged female person they’d nearly run down.

These were the sort of folks who used to be called “road weenies” back in the 1980s, but actual road weenies would have known to say “on your left” before contemptuously passing the untermensch on the bike in front of them. The current version doesn’t notice you enough to consider you anything as advanced as an untermensch; you’re just this slow-moving obstruction to get around.

Now, granted, I should have been checking my rear-view mirror more frequently, so I could have seen them in time to have slowed down enough to have allowed them to pass me safely en masse. But it would have been nice if the leader of the club ride had sung out “On your left!” or even dinged a bike-bell.

And then they wonder why a lot of motorists hate us.

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Disbar Caroline Hunter

Posted by Charles II on April 18, 2010

Via Avedon Carol, an update from Raw Story on Federal Election Commissioner Caroline Hunter, who helped the Ohio State Republican Party in its voter suppression efforts of 2004. A complaint has been filed with the DC Board of Professional Responsibility by Velvet Revolution. An excerpt:

During the run-up to the election, Hunter participated in a September 30 conference call during which “Voter Reg Fraud Strategies” were developed. Her name appears near the top of the list of conference call participants. [see attached 9-30-04 RNC email copied from Page 3 of 43 of Court document 23-7; Filed 11/01/2004 in Case 2:81-cv-03876-DRD-SDW]

Subsequently, six days later as Exhibit 7 reveals, Hunter received at least one email from top-level GOP/RNC Party officials directly engaged in the process of vote caging in Ohio, where the interveners filed the injunction. Hunter’s email address is the only one tagged “Legal” in threads where senior party organizers concern themselves with GOP ‘fingerprints’ on their voting caging activities. [See pages 17-18, Document 23-7]

No emails released by the GOP in evidence in Exhibit 7 reveal any legal concerns or issues raised by Ms. Hunter despite her clear involvement as part of a high level team within the RNC developing and implementing explicit vote caging activities.

Republican concerns about voter fraud should be taken seriously, because if anyone doubts the legitimacy of election results, it weakens our nation. It would be nice if they would take Democratic concerns about electoral fraud— tampering with voter registration and voting results– just as seriously. But what cannot be tolerated is either party taking the law into their own hands, which is what the Republicans have done through “voter caging.” This is the conspiracy in which Caroline Hunter apparently participated in, either actively or passively, from a trusted position as officer of the court. It’s a shame that only disbarment is contemplated. Her voting rights should be taken away.

Please support Velvet Revolution’s petition.

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