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The Agent Proschlockateur Does It Again

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 19, 2010

On this, the 15th anniversary of Oklahoma City, when right-wing terrorists blew up the Murrah Building killing 168 men, women and children, I am reminded of Mitch Berg, the local right-wing agent proschlockateur who famously tried to have it both ways back in 2007 when he simultaneously tried to pre-emptively blame lefty protesters for any and all acts of violence at the upcoming Republican National Convention, while at the same time happily discussing the 2008 convention plans of himself and his buddies at “Protest Warrior“, whose members like to go around doing stupid things while pretending to be lefty protesters.

(By the way, I’m convinced that the “punch the hippies” climate of fear to which he and other local right-wing talkers and bloggers contributed, taken along with Bob Fletcher’s eagerness to act like a thug in the service of the Republican National Committee’s desire to be spared the sight of any protesters — which, since the RNC conventioneers never actually set foot outside of the Xcel Center without being immediately placed in a bus or limo that took them to downtown Minneapolis and environs whenever they wanted to go somewhere for lunch or dinner, was easily accomplished — is what led to the massive overreactions and mass arrests of people like Amy Goodman. But I digress.)

On this sad anniversary, Mitchie-poo’s managed to provide some unintentional comic relief, as Spotty of The Cucking Stool explains:

Apparently, Mitch Berg is claiming that The Uptake crew at the Tea Party rally, including me, did not identify itself to potential interviewees. But here is a brief video clip of the introduction to the interview of Mitch himself.


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A Little Anniversary

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 19, 2010

Remember what happened as a result of right-wing media mouthpieces fanning hatred fifteen years ago today?

I do.

Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995. Never forget.

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PBS: Past and Beyond Saving

Posted by Charles II on April 19, 2010

Dr. Margaret Flowers, one of the few heroines of this fallen age:

It was with a sense of deja vu that I watched the latest Frontline documentary about health care. “Obama’s Deal” endeavored to reveal the significant influence of health industry dollars on our political process. However, as in Frontline’s “Sick Around America,” the producers did a disservice by their failure to educate the public about the bigger picture of the health care situation in this nation and the range of possible solutions.

Curiously, just as it was in the health “debate,” single-payer, improved Medicare for all was also excluded from the film….

“Obama’s Deal” contained a segment on those who oppose health reform, but nowhere were single-payer advocates given a chance to explain their proposal or motivations. Neither was it noted that the hatred and fear seen at the summer town halls and that factored into the election of Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown were assisted by the stealth organizing efforts of ultra-conservative Dick Armey of FreedomWorks and others.

Bill Moyers, gone at the end of the season. NOW, gone at the end of the season. Frontline, turned into propaganda.

There’s so little left of what was once an operation that could make all Americans proud, I don’t think it’s worth saving.

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