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Look Where MEC’s Congressman Was This Afternoon

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 22, 2010

He stopped by Fire Dog Lake, wrote a Seminal diary, and hung around in the comments section for quite some time.

The diary, by the way, concerns the Let Granny Eat Cat Food Deficit Commission which Pete Peterson and his crowd cowed President Obama into forming. Representative Conyers is concerned that such a commission will operate with little or no transparency. As he states:

In order to ensure that the American people are informed about the Commission’s work, I am asking my House colleagues to join me in sending a letter to the Commission’s co-chairmen asking them to make every one of their meetings (including any working group meetings) public, to rigorously analyze the impact of every potential benefit cut or tax hike, and issue draft recommendations before Election Day, so that voters can ask candidates how they feel about the Commission’s recommendations.

Even Minority Leader John Boehner gets it – he wrote a similar letter to the Commission last month. Although we don’t see eye-to-eye on most issues, one thing the Minority Leader and I can agree on is that the more open and transparent the Commission’s process is, the better the outcome for the American people.

We all know how Americans react to backroom deals cut behind closed doors, and that is why it is critical that we maintain our promises to the people on transparency and openness.

We need transparency to make sure that the members of the Commission don’t buy into the right-wing myths being put forward by CNN, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, and others that want to convince the American people that creating jobs and fighting poverty will damage the economy, that Social Security is going broke, and that achieving fiscal stability means cutting Medicare benefits for our seniors.

Thank you, Mr. Conyers. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

And yes, the Congressman is indeed aware of two counter-summits that exist to teach the truth about the bilge Pete Peterson’s selling:

ubetchaiam – I am aware of the “The Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In Counter-Conference.” It is also my understanding that several organizations have joined together to hold a “Virtual Summit on Fiscal and Economic Responsibility.” This is exactly the type of constructive dialogue we need to broaden the debate about how to address our debt issues.

Thank you again, Congressman.

UPDATE: MEC informs me that Rep. Conyers is not in fact her congressman, but that she admires him anyway. ;-)


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Koching the books

Posted by Charles II on April 22, 2010

Via Avedon, this piece from Yasha Levine of Alternet:

The Tea Party movement’s dirty little secret is that its chief financial backers owe their family fortune to the granddaddy of all their hatred: Stalin’s godless empire of the USSR. The secretive oil billionaires of the Koch family, the main supporters of the right-wing groups that orchestrated the Tea Party movement, would not have the means to bankroll their favorite causes had it not been for the pile of money the family made working for the Bolsheviks in the late 1920s and early 1930s, building refineries, training Communist engineers and laying down the foundation of Soviet oil infrastructure…

Koch pleased his Soviet clients by ensuring top quality and helping the cause of socialism.

The Soviet oil planners were delighted with Koch’s refineries. The communists were so impressed they kept giving Winkler-Koch business and regularly sent Soviet engineers to train in Wichita. It was a sign of growing mutual trust….

Today, it operates thousands of miles of pipelines in the United States, refines 800,000 barrels of crude oil daily, buys and sells the most asphalt in the nation, is among the top 10 cattle producers, and is among the 50 largest landowners. Koch Industries also poured hundreds of millions of dollars into right-wing organizations like Institute for Humane Studies, the Cato Institute, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, the Bill of Rights Institute, the Reason Foundation, Citizens for a Sound Economy and the Federalist Society—all of them promoting the usual billionaire-friendly ideas of the free market, deregulation and smaller government.

If that expansion looks too fast to be legit, that’s because it was.

William Koch, the third brother who had a falling-out with Charles and David back in the ’80s over Charles’ sociopathic management style, appeared on “60 Minutes” in November 2000 to tell the world that Koch Industries was a criminal enterprise: “It was – was my family company. I was out of it,” he says. “But that’s what appalled me so much… I did not want my family, my legacy, my father’s legacy to be based upon organized crime.”

Charles Koch’s racket was very simple, explained William. With its extensive oil pipe network, Koch Industries’ role as an oil middleman—it buys crude from someone’s well and sells it to a refinery—makes it easy to steal millions of dollars worth of oil by skimming just a little off the top of each transaction, or what they call “cheating measurements” in the oil trade. According to William, wells located on federal and Native American lands were the prime targets of the Koch scam.

How fitting that the Kochs got their big break in life from one of the most murderous dictators of all time. How fitting that the Know-Nothing movement of the 21st century is financed by money from crime and totalitarian terror.

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