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Shorter RW Media: George W. Bush, You Will Be Avenged!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 4, 2010

The Usual Suspects over at FOX News and elsewhere are trying to start up a myth that the BP Horizon oil spill is to Obama as the 2005 disaster known as Hurricane Katrina is to Bush.

Over at Emptywheel’s wheelhouse in FDL, Bmaz — who is not an Obama fan — neatly explodes that nonsense even as he points out the dangers of Obama’s hewing to Bush policy on far too many things.

For my part, I believe that much as the Republicans and Cons wanted revenge for Nixon’s downfall — a thirst for vengeance that among other things led to the wipeout of the once-strong Rockefeller Republican contingent, the replacement of principled Republican Lowell Weicker by neocon Fox Democrat Joe Lieberman, and the ten-year-plus campaign to destroy the Clintons — they are looking to avenge George W. Bush and the Republicans being rightly blamed for the Katrina mess, which is why they are doing their best to make sure the word “Obama” replaces “Bush” as being next to “Katrina”.

Let’s look at a few of the reasons why Bush and the GOP own Katrina and will always own Katrina:

— There’s Bush’s and the Republican Congress’ refusing to replace the Delta wetlands that once served as speed bumps to slow down and weaken oncoming hurricanes.

— There’s rejecting millions of dollars’ worth of post-Katrina aid from foreign countries.

— There’s Bush’s FEMA providing toxic trailers for Katrina refugees.

— There’s the sharp contrast between how FEMA operated under Clinton and James Lee Witt with how it operated under Bush and Michael “Heckuva Job, Brownie” Brown.

Feel free to suggest others.


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