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This Is Perfect

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 12, 2010

The Republicans have chosen the site for their 2012 convention, and it’s going to be (drum roll, please):


Not New York City. Not St. Paul or Minneapolis. Tampa. Which is arguably Florida’s most conservative major metropolitan area.

No more venturing into deep-blue territory for these mokes! Nuh-uh — the insurance costs from the protests is a bit steep for that. But the choice of Tampa does pose two, ah, interesting issues for the RNC:

1. This is late August and early September we’re talking about. In the Gulf. Prime hurricane season. Rather like scheduling a major convention in Sioux Falls in January, except even stupider.

2. The beaches will still likely be studded with the occasional “drill baby drill” souvenir from the BP oil volcano. Just to remind them of the policy they probably will still support.

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