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While Everyone In The US Was Distracted…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 31, 2010

Israel invaded a flotilla in international waters and killed at least ten fifteen people on it, all of them civilians, all of them unarmed. As shown in the videos at Siun’s link, the Israelis continued to fire at the ship well after three people were already dead and a white flag raised.

Why? The flotilla is trying to lift the starvation blockade Israel has on Gaza.

The raid was done at night, with a view to keeping the international press from finding out about it from the flotilla’s own satellite hookups, which the Israelis have been trying to keep from communicating with the outside world. They didn’t succeed in that, but they’re working to get their version of the massacre into the US media.

Here are two videos that Bibi Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman don’t want you to see:

In addition to the live feed from the Mamara (see above) you can follow events via twitter @freegazaorg and at #Flotilla and follow the map of the Flotilla’s location at Witness Gaza.

And here’s the livestream from the lead ship in the flotilla, the Mavi Mamara from Turkey:

These and other videos won’t make the US media, but are being played on Turkish TV non-stop, as well as elsewhere. Go to Witness Gaza for more.


6 Responses to “While Everyone In The US Was Distracted…”

  1. Charles II said

    Israel is putting God to the test.

    This is a terrible wrong.

    • They’re trying to claim that they were justified in attacking a ship in international waters — seventy miles out, in fact — because the unarmed civilians on it “fought back”. Evidence: An empty Israeli gun, belonging to one of the Israeli commandos, conveniently “found” on one of the dead civilians.

    • Stormcrow said

      Worse than that, PW.

      They’re putting Turkey to the test.

      I wouldn’t do that if I lived as as close to Turkey as they do. And if I needed Turkish cooperation as badly as they do.

      Furthermore, I understand Turkey is going to send a military escort with the next flotilla.

      Are the Likudniks really crazy enough to start a war with Turkey?

      They do that, and they’re not going to enjoy what happens next. They’re going to think of South Lebanon in mid-2006 as a vacation resort before it’s all over.

      • Even better: Egypt, which was pressured by Israel to uphold the blockade on the one point of entry to Gaza that Israel doesn’t control, has now lifted the blockade “until further notice”. That, and the Turkish military escorts, pretty much guarantee that Gaza won’t be starving for much longer.

        The Likudniks’ basic error is that they thought it was still 1967, when they (as Charles mentions) could get away with attacking a US Navy ship in international waters, killing 34 and wounding 174 of the 294 persons on board, probably because the ship, which specialized in gathering intelligence, was likely to witness the run-up to Israel’s illegal attack on the Golan Heights. (The Israelis maintain that their people mistook the ship for an Egyptian one, but that is highly unlikely; as a crewman said, “We had been surveilled all morning and part of the afternoon by Israeli forces. They knew who we were. We heard them reporting over radio who we were and how we were sailing and where we were sailing. They saw the flag and everything else. We were in international waters.”)

  2. Spot said

    Thanks for the links and the video.

  3. Charles II said

    One of the blockade runners was [edit: a crewman on] the USS Liberty.

    This will bring back some memories for those of a certain age.

    Joe Meadors, a decorated Navy veteran and a survivor of the 1967 attack on U.S.S. Liberty, and Edward L. Peck, a retired US Ambassador, also will be joining the delegation to Gaza, as part of the Free Palestine Movement, a California based human rights organisation that helped to purchase one of the ships.

    “It’ll be like old home week” said Meadors, recalling the Israeli attack he survived 43 years ago. “I’m determined to land with this internationally coordinated effort on the shores of Gaza to deliver relief to the 1.5 million inhabitants suffering under the Israeli-led illegal blockade”. Ambassador Peck explained that “many Americans oppose Israeli’s oppressive policies in Palestine and especially in Gaza.”

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