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Former US Ambassador Edward Peck’s Eyewitness Account Of The IDF Attack On The Freedom Flotilla

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 1, 2010

As Peck notes, in response to an Israeli spokesman’s saying that the poor put-upon trained IDF commandos attacking the flotilla had “paint guns” against people with pipes and whatnot, the commandos also had automatic weapons, pepper spray, tear gas and other things the people they attacked at four o’clock in the morning in international waters didn’t have. (Note, also, the interspersing of the same snippet of grainy and slickly-edited black-and-white IDF video with that of the last video taken and transmitted by the flotilla before the IDF shut down all transmissions and confiscated all recording and communications devices from the flotilla.

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It’s Not 1967 Anymore

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 1, 2010

The days when Israel could get away with attacking non-threatening ships in international waters (see also: USS Liberty) are long gone.

If the Likudniks thought they could uphold their starvation blockade of Gaza by attacking a ship filled with unarmed civilians, they thought wrong.

Egypt, whose border touches the one part of the Gaza border that Israel doesn’t utterly control, and which was pressured by Israel to uphold the Israeli blockade of Gaza, has said that it is opening the Rafah crossing into Gaza and has no plans to reclose it anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Turkey, which up to now was Israel’s strongest ally in the Middle East, has said that all future aid sea-based aid convoys to Gaza will have Turkish military escorts.

It’s not 1967 anymore, kids.

UPDATE: The IDF claims that the flotilla was armed to the teeth, but as more survivors — including an Israeli Knesset member (the Knesset being Israel’s parliament) — are finding ways to get around Israeli efforts to silence them, they are rapidly showing the IDF story for the tissue of lies that it is.

From CNN, of all places:

Hanin Zoabi, a member of the Israeli parliament, was on board the Miva Marmara, the ship that was the scene of the confrontation between activists and Israeli soldiers. The Israeli Navy fired on the ships five minutes before commandos descended from ropes that dangled from helicopters, Zoabi said during a news conference in Nazareth, Israel. She said passengers on board the ship were unarmed.

From AFP (via :

Three visibly shaken Germans who experienced at first hand a deadly raid by the Israeli military on an aid flotilla bound for Gaza denied on Tuesday that anyone on board was armed.

“The Israeli government justifies the raid because they were attacked. This is absolutely not the case,” former member of parliament Norman Paech, 72, wrapped in a blue blanket, told reporters in Berlin.


His comments were backed up by two others on board the convoy when it was raided at dawn on Monday in international waters, MPs Inge Hoeger, 59, and Annette Groth, 56.

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