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The enemy of my enemy is my enemy

Posted by Charles II on June 13, 2010

Declan Walsh, The Guardian:

Pakistani intelligence is so deeply involved in the arming and funding of the Afghan Taliban that it holds a seat on the militant leadership council and has sent the president, Asif Ali Zardari, to make prison visits to captured leaders, a report by the London School of Economics has said.

Researcher Matt Waldman said Pakistani support for the insurgency was “official” policy, implemented by the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency in the form of money, weapons and training.

“Pakistan appears to be playing a double game of astonishing magnitude,” the report, which cited interviews with unnamed Taliban commanders and western officials, said.

An ISI official in Islamabad described the report as “rubbish”….

One [interviewee] said the ISI support originally came from the US government…

The latter point is a question that I asked Ahmed Rashid and he did not answer. Not that he would necessarily know. But logically someone kept militant Islam in Central Asia alive and well after US military aid was cut off from Pakistan. Funds came from Saudi Arabia, presumably. But would the Saudis have done that without American approval? Doubtful.

So it’s interesting that the creation of the Taliban may or may not (according to one interviewee in a report that may or may not be rubbish) have been accomplished with American dollars. I suspect it did, but only because I believe in the existence of Nemesis.

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Mitt Romney, Super-Genius

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 13, 2010

From brooklynbadboy at Daily Kos:

Mitt Romney, in an op-ed for USAToday:

In a time of national crisis, we look to our president to acknowledge, as Harry Truman did, that it is at his desk where the buck stops.

President Obama, two weeks before Mitt Romney’s op-ed:

I am the president and the buck stops with me.

Of course, nobody in USA Today bothered to correct Romney.

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Boehner The Boneless Wonder!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 13, 2010

Watch how, barely three days after he called for a US taxpayer bailout of BP and chided Obama for being so mean to BP, he does a total 180 and now calls for lifting BP’s liability cap:

House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, called for completely lifting the liability cap on BP so that the company bears the full cost of the economic damage of the oil spill.

Gee, how nice of ABC’s Jake Tapper not to bring up the fact that this is a total flip-flop from Boehner’s stated position earlier this week. Helps Boehner the Contortionist get away with his self-makeover. (And when I say nice, I mean “disgraceful”.)

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