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Mitt Romney, Super-Genius

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 13, 2010

From brooklynbadboy at Daily Kos:

Mitt Romney, in an op-ed for USAToday:

In a time of national crisis, we look to our president to acknowledge, as Harry Truman did, that it is at his desk where the buck stops.

President Obama, two weeks before Mitt Romney’s op-ed:

I am the president and the buck stops with me.

Of course, nobody in USA Today bothered to correct Romney.

4 Responses to “Mitt Romney, Super-Genius”

  1. If USA Today starts doing our job as bloggers, what would we do? :)

  2. Charles II said

    Have a lot more time to enjoy life and read newspapers. :-)

  3. MEC said

    “It is at his desk where the buck stops”? Please make this man the Republican candidate in 2012, and may he talk just like that in his speeches and the debates.

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