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And in another widely ignored DK diary…

Posted by Charles II on June 16, 2010

I make a plea for people to report fraudulent debt collection.

Because, of course, having poor people extorted for debts they don’t owe to the tune of $1B in NYC alone (from 1/06-7/08) is not important.

2 Responses to “And in another widely ignored DK diary…”

  1. Indeed. But you never hear about that in the mainstream press. Or anywhere else, really.

    People I know have been harrassed by a Louisiana law firm that specializes in debt collection of this nature. The only thing that stopped them was when a judge called the firm; the second they realized a Federal judge was involved, they suddenly dropped my friends from their list of people to attempt to shake down. But most folks don’t have Federal judges they can call upon to act as counter-muscle to stop a shakedown attempt.

    • Charles II said

      Targets of harassment may now be able to apply some pressure through the FTC, which may have gotten the message now that Andrew Cuomo has done the heavy lifting. And I encourage them to do it.

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