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Random Observations

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 16, 2010

Attaturk hat recht hier:

I know the nation is terribly disappointed that Obama isn’t actually Red Black Adair, but I don’t miss having idiots trying to fix shit. They’d have dropped the bomb and had BP drilling for radioactive crude by now.

Regardless of what one thinks of Obama’s speech, Palin’s incoherent response should remind everyone that it was the sort of oncological, unrestrained capitalism Palin and the Republicans espouse (complete with total regulatory capture of the government entity we all thought was monitoring them) that made this crisis possible.

— Question: If somebody like Alan Grayson (with a “D” after his name) had said this instead of Joseph Cao (a freshman Republican), what’s the likelihood that David Broder and the rest of the GOP/Media Complex would be in full Tone Troll Mode, doing their level best to hound him or her out of politics?

3 Responses to “Random Observations”

  1. Charles II said

    I don’t think Vietnamese ever practiced ritual self-disembowelment. They certainly never had a samurai tradition. In fact, the only time that Rep. Cao or his ancestors could have experienced “Samurai days” was during the Japanese occupation. Which would mean that he is describing his family as collaborators.

    • Oh, exactly. He’s being really dumb, or cynically hoping that the people who see his remarks are really dumb and can’t tell a person of Vietnamese heritage from a Japanese person (much less a member of the buke, or samurai nobility), or both. Personally, I vote for both.

  2. Roberta in MN said

    That little bit on Chao needs to go viral.

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