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Washington Post Lies About What Polls Say So It Can Push Pete Peterson’s Agenda

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 21, 2010

Bsom has the scoop:

A stunning front-page article in Saturday’s Washington Post moves the paper firmly into conservatives’ dream universe on deficit policy. “Stimulus plans run up against deficit fears” by Lori Montgomery serves up this whopper:

If Congress doesn’t provide additional stimulus spending, economists inside and outside the administration warn that the nation risks a prolonged period of high unemployment or, more frightening, a descent back into recession. But a competing threat — the exploding federal budget deficit — seems to be resonating more powerfully in Congress and among voters.

There you have it: the budget deficit is an issue that’s resonating more with voters than the issues of high unemployment or the possibility of further economic downturn generally. It’s a trendy right-wing meme of the last few months, but here it is in the news pages of the Washington Post.

But is this notion supported by what the polling actually says? No. Not even close.

Bsom then goes on to list several polls that show that the public’s biggest concern is not the deficit. Other issues, such as jobs, rate much higher.

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Newsless booms: adrift on the Ship of Fools

Posted by Charles II on June 21, 2010

The data for tomorrow points to a strong open. As if 12:30AM Eastern, the Asian markets are up by 1.5-2.5%, and futures on American markets suggest an open 1.2-1.5% about last week’s close.

Why? Well, who knows? For once I agree with Cramer: the market’s movements lately make no sense. (more below the fold)

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