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Posted by Charles II on July 7, 2010

Following up on Phoenix Woman‘s post about Turkish-Israeli relations, this from Jim Lobe of IPS:

WASHINGTON, Jul 6, 2010 (IPS) – Insisting that the bond between their two nations was “unbreakable”, U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu emerged all smiles from their long-awaited White House meeting here Tuesday.

Speaking before reporters, the two men, whose last encounter here in March appeared to confirm a crisis in bilateral ties, lavished compliments on each other.

“[T]he fact of the matter is, is that I’ve trusted Prime Minister Netanyahu since I met him before I was elected president,” declared Obama before the two leaders were joined by their top aides for a working lunch.

I wonder how these photos will play in Turkey.

There is one encouraging note from the article:

One analyst said Obama’s remarks appeared designed in part to establish linkage between progress on the Palestinian- Israeli front and further pressure on Iran.

“Obama was saying he’s now delivered on tough sanctions on Iran, and he’s pressing Netanyahu on what he’s going to do in return,” said Steve Clemons, head of the American Strategy programme at the New America Foundation. “He’s is trying to be a calculating deal-maker and push the reset button with Netanyahu. If Netanyahu doesn’t respond, things could get much worse.”


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Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 7, 2010

Ever since the IDF massacre of the passengers of the Mavi Marmara six weeks ago, Turkey has said they were going to cut off relations with Israel unless one of two things happened: The Israelis either apologized outright or agreed to a genuine impartial international investigation.

Well, the Israelis did neither, and guess what, kiddies — the Turks weren’t bluffing:

That the Israelis have been on again off again sponsors of the Kurdish separatist movement(s) is so well known as to be barely worthy of comment. That Turkey is officially starting to take notice is very noteworthy. This article, ‘Israel may have ordered Kurdish terror attack’ from the Israeli news site Ynet gives a brief outline of the meltdown taking place between Israel and the Turks. The article in Zaman to which the Ynet report refers can be found here, Suspicion growing about possible link between PKK and Israel. The article details the growing consensus amongst Turkish analysts and politicians that Israel is sponsoring terrorist acts by Kuridsh separatists…

If there is a quicker way to turn the average Turkish citizen against Israel, this would be it.

Meanwhile, there’s already a blanket ban on Israeli military flights through Turkish airspace; that ban is likely to be extended to civilian aircraft. This will cause the Israeli airline El Al quite a lot of inconvenience and extra expense.

And that ain’t all — the Turks just cancelled a big water project, several years in the making, that would have diverted 1.75 billion cubic feet of water per year to Israel, an amount representing three percent of Israel’s total water usage.

Oh, and that’s before diplomatic relations are officially severed, as is soon likely to happen.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

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