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Miscellaneous outrages

Posted by Charles II on July 16, 2010

What part of illegal don’t you understand? So, now anti-immigrant extremists have turned to rifling confidential data bases, a crime, in order to get ICE to deport more people, some of whom may be here legally.


JUAN GONZALEZ: We begin today with Utah, where an anonymous group has distributed a list that is spreading terror and outrage among the Latino community. The list includes names, addresses, workplaces, phone numbers, birth dates and, in some cases, Social Security numbers of some 1,300 people that the group alleges are undocumented. The list was sent to law enforcement officials, state lawmakers and the media, and it urges that those on it be immediately deported. All the names are Latino, and they include over 200 children and the due dates for six pregnant women.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert has called for an investigation to see if the list was compiled by someone with access to state databases containing personal information….

TONY YAPIAS: ….we have found also that some of them are legal residents or in the process of becoming citizens. We learned over the last couple days there’s a lady that’s to become a US citizen next month.

Attempt to change the subject, Epic FailJohn Hooper, The Guardian:

It was meant to be the document that put a lid on the clerical sex abuse scandals that have swept the Roman Catholic world. But instead of quelling fury from within and without the church, the Vatican stoked the anger of liberal Catholics and women’s groups by including a provision in its revised decree that made the “attempted ordination” of women one of the gravest crimes in ecclesiastical law.

The change put the “offence” on a par with the sex abuse of minors.

It’s your money Christine Harper and Joshua Gallu, Bloomberg:

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s $550 million settlement with U.S. regulators yesterday will benefit the firm by ending three months of uncertainty at an affordable price. …no management changes were required; and Goldman Sachs said the SEC indicated it doesn’t plan claims related to other mortgage- linked securities it examined….Goldman Sachs acknowledged that marketing materials for the 2007 deal at the center of the case contained “incomplete information.” In its April 16 suit, the SEC accused the firm of defrauding investors in a mortgage-backed collateralized debt obligation by failing to tell them that hedge fund Paulson & Co., which was planning to bet against the deal, had helped to design it. …

For Goldman Sachs, the cost represents approximately 14 days’ worth of earnings….

Why should Goldman care about half a billion? You should see what they got from the Treasury on the AIG deal.

Oh. And see the Environmental Law Institute (via Barry Ritholtz) for this outrage: $70B subsidies for fossil fuels. $12 B for conventional renewables (and $17B for subsidies to environmentally destructive corn ethanol)


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  1. Goldman’s fine is, what, two day’s profits? Yeah, that’ll learn ’em!

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