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Suh-prahz! Suh-prahz! Suh-praiz! Breitbart’s USDA Hit Is Falling Apart Faster Than His ACORN One Did

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 20, 2010

Get a load of all of this:

On CNN, wife of farmer says former USDA official is a “friend” who “helped us save our farm”

Breitbart’s Sherrod/NAACP story disintegrates

Why won’t Breitbart release the full Shirley Sherrod/NAACP video?

Media Matters: The right-wing rage machine unloads a frenzy of race-baiting

It’s ACORN redux: Did Breitbart mislead on purpose, or was he duped?

Of course, just as with the ACORN hoax, all of this comes too late to save the career of the African-American woman he smeared. I hope she sues him, just as one of his ACORN hoax victims is suing O’Keefe.
Charles adds, here’s a typical post from the Breitbart boards:

As Breitbart says, Context is everything. The context for this is that it’s an unremarkable post on Andrew Breitbart’s website.

Among other posts:
“She [Sherrod] belongs in prison.”
“Fire Shirley Sherrod along with all the other Obammunists.”
“To think that there are tens of thousands at 100,00+ of these hos working for the Federal Government,…. ”
“Aunt Jemima racist ??? Say it ain’t so. !”
“We see the results of the liberal ADC program where unwed mothers are paid to have illegitimate babies…who are then neglected and grow up to become non-productive members of society themselves…waiting to be able to collect ‘their own’ government checks! ”
“Welcome to obamas race war. ”
“Lynch Obama signs….how do we know they didn’t plant them.”
“I am sick and tired of being called “racist” by this country’s greatest “racists”……the NAACP. It’s membership numbers are dropping like a stone among Jews, because of it’s blatant anti-Semitic declarations and comments. “We live in an upside-down time in which a group that wants inalienable rights for everyone is labled racist while the accusers espouse a dependant culture that keeps people enslaved to government just so corrupt pols can play the role of master.”
“I guess this is reparation time with the Kenyan man. ”
“But I see that the current administration truly wants “RACE” to be a distraction with all the sneaky, backroom, NON-TRANSPARENT, REGRESSIVE socialist/marxist/communist agenda that they are FORCING down the throats of America. ”
“‘m from Albany, GA. Shirley Sherrod is from here. Her & her kind have destroyed the great little city of Albany. We have fast become the New Detroit. People, if you don’t stop these lazy, lying, racist people like Sherrod, you will face the same thing we here in Albany, GA are facing: Gang murder, violence, drug wars, high taxes that get you nothing in return, cheating teachers, lost business. ”

Nope. No racism in the Tea Party.


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Getler does good

Posted by Charles II on July 20, 2010

Via FAIR, here is Michael Getler’s verdict on PBS’ airing of a sycophantic, Republican-funded tribute to George Shultz, the unindicted Reagan Secretary of State. It’s not gracious, but it concedes the point:

The Ombudsman Column
Turmoil Over ‘Turmoil’
By Michael Getler
July 16, 2010

The e-mails, several hundred of them, began pouring into my mailbox early Monday evening. They began very soon after the media watch group known as FAIR — for Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting and which describes itself as “progressive” in approach — took issue with a new three-part, three-hour PBS series about former Reagan-era Secretary of State George P. Shultz. As is frequently the case when FAIR gets something in its crosshairs, it tells its subscribers where to complain.

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The First Rotten Fruit Of The Citizens United Ruling In Minnesota

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 20, 2010

Here they are, straight from the “bipartisan” group MN Forward, which is run by Brian McClung — who until just a few weeks ago was Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty’s chief spokesperson.

Oh, yes: As MRW notes, their first TV ad is pro-Tom-Emmer (Emmer being the Republican pick to replace Tim Pawlenty) and their first Tweeter followed is none other than Deputy MNGOP Chair Michael Brodkorb, who of course has his own history of posing as an “independent” voice when in fact he’s not.

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