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Choking more slowly

Posted by Charles II on July 22, 2010

Mel Frykberg, IPS:

[Israeli human rights organization] Gisha reports that there has been a moderate rise in the volume of trucks entering Gaza and an increase in imports of consumer goods, but that this volume still falls way below pre-embargo days, and isn’t sufficient to meet the daily needs of Gaza’s 1.5 million civilians.

During the week after Jun. 20, 695 trucks of goods entered Gaza. This compares with 2,400 per week prior to the closure, and meets only 30 percent of Palestinian needs. Over the past three years 2,328 trucks entered Gaza on a monthly basis compared with 10,400 trucks monthly prior to the blockade.

Additionally, items which could be used for industry and manufacturing and which present no security threat are still being restricted. There appears to be “no change in the policy of inflicting economic warfare or by preventing entry of goods necessary for production,” says the Gisha report. “Textiles, industrial-sized buckets of margarine, glucose, packaging boxes and other raw materials are still banned.

A major step towards helping to rehabilitate Gaza’s economy would be permitting exports on which Gaza’s economy is heavily reliant. A 2005 Agreement on Movement and Access, signed by Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 2005, agreed to 400 daily truckloads of exports. In the last three years 295 export trucks have exited Gaza.

Killing people slowly is no less murder than killing them quickly.


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An environmental heroine will be at Netroots Nation

Posted by Charles II on July 22, 2010

You can listen to Majora Carter’s speech at TED here.

This was shown on Democracy Now. Carter will be speaking at Netroots Nation.

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Remember the good old days?

Posted by Charles II on July 22, 2010

Remember the good old days when we laughed at the Soviets with their G-U-M stores, which were the only place you could buy anything? Leslie Patton and Matthew Boyle, Bloomberg:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s divide-and- conquer strategy prevailed in Chicago by pitting construction workers against employees who will stock shelves and ring registers. …

“Wal-Mart played on the whims of the building trade unions, and the rest gave in,” Reverend Booker Vance, a spokesman for Good Jobs Chicago, a coalition of local unions, congregations and community groups, said in a telephone interview. “You have a lot of smoke and mirrors, and Wal-Mart would like to give the impression that they acted in good faith, but they have not.”

We’re not all that far from being the butt of our own joke. See also here.

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