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Freepers Bringing The Stupid WRT Prop 8 Ruling

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 5, 2010

Salon‘s Alex Pareene points out how the right wingers are losing their collective shit over Judge Vaughn Walker’s overturning of Prop 8:

After a dry Corner post from Daniel Foster excerpting the decision, Kathryn Jean Lopez popped in to be sad, and compare Judge Walker’s ruling to “an academic seminar at Berkeley.” (Oh, Berkeley! They simply do not understand America and their crazy ideas have no place in court rulings.)

One Freeper’s “solution”: pictures of guns, apparently.

What’s really funny is that the gun — an FN P90 — is a piece of junk — and a Belgian piece of junk at that. Per a Belgian commentator at Joe My God:

As a European I am so glad to see the freepers are buying our products. And from the French speaking corner of Belgium no less!

A famously inaccurate Frenchie gun known for it pathetically short barrel, getting overheated quickly and blowing all its load(ed ammo) really fast… a perfect match for a freeper hothead.

In fact, cant we get these guys buy ALL our guns? I certainly would feel a lot safer, and lets be honest, aren’t we all a little disappointed when right wing nuts like say the huttary don’t try an get in a shootout with the FBI but surrender peacefully?

3 Responses to “Freepers Bringing The Stupid WRT Prop 8 Ruling”

  1. Stormcrow said

    The FN P90?

    Chocolate Jesus. The reason some folks fixate on this weapon is the fact that it “looks cool”. You can blame that on the Bullpup design.

    But the 5.7×28 round reportedly has inferior terminal ballistics to a .45 ACP fired out of a standard M1911 pistol! Why in god’s name any sane person would shell out upwards of $1500 for one of these is beyond me.

    Can’t speak to the accuracy or lack thereof. Since the likelihood that I’ll ever be nuts enough to spring for one of these is indistinguishable from zero without use of a microscope.

    Oh, and even if I were nuts enough to be a freeper, I would still prefer not to be nuts enough to even suggest shooting a judge.

    These people need to have their heads examined for leaks.

    • MEC said

      Stormcrow, rightwingers threatening “activist” judges with death is SOP these days. (I’d assumed the freeper was suggesting killing all the gays, not the judge who made the ruling. Either way, it’s horrible, but unsurprising.)

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