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Pictured fully clothed, from L to R…

Posted by Charles II on August 6, 2010

Bohemian Grove 2010, via Project Censored
(Photo from Project Censored)

I normally give little attention to Project Censored, because their stories usually aren’t actually censored, just under-reported. Since I read widely, the Project Censored stories are rarely new to me. But when I saw their headline Speakers at the 2010 Bohemian Grove Include Rupert Murdoch, David Gergen, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, I had to give it a look. For those who aren’t familiar with this little ritual, Bohemian Grove is the moment each year when the ruling class, or at least its male members, casts aside ideology and clothing to bond with one another. Rumor has it that Obama and McCain both attended in 2008. Here’s the list of speakers this year:

Douglas Brinkley, Jeffrey Toobin,  David Martin (CBS News),  Michael Armacost (Former President of Brookings Institute and US Ambassador to the Philippines), Joel Klein (Chancellor, N.Y. City Dept. of Education), Rupert Murdoch, Reza Aslan (Professor/Author, UC Riverside and Gaurdian author), Dr. Gary Smith (Executive Director of American Academy in Berlin), (Thomas Metz, Lt. General, U.S. Army retired), Arthur Laffer, Supply side Economist, former member of Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Malin (Planetary Geologist, CEO of Malin Space Science Systems), David Gergen.

The reason that things are so screwed up in this country is that the ruling class listens to people like this (Brinkley, Metz, and Malin perhaps excluded). Arnold Schwarzenegger, currently presiding over the destruction of the world’s fifth largest economy, needs no introduction. Ditto Rupert Murdoch. Art Laffer is the guy who convinced the Reaganauts that cutting taxes will always produce more revenue. Joel Klein has has produced completely fraudulent school scores for NYC public schools, and has promoted privatization even as evidence of corruption involved in charter schools mounts. Jeffrey Toobin, aside from being no gentleman, works for the CNN Zoo. David Martin is a stenographer for the Pentagon. Gary Smith I know very little about. The corporate-funded Berlin Academy, which he heads, was founded by Kissinger and Holbrooke and presumably acts as an appendage of US policy.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on August 6, 2010

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