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And In News That Surprises Me Not At All

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 13, 2010

Aryn Baker, the author of the Time magazine cover story exploiting a facially-disfigured teenage Afghan girl as a pretext for keeping US troops in Afghanistan, turns out to have massive conflicts of interest which she failed to disclose:

The piece lacked a crucial personal disclosure on Baker’s part: Her husband, Tamim Samee, an Afghan-American IT entrepreneur, is a board member of an Afghan government minister’s $100 million project advocating foreign investment in Afghanistan, and has run two companies, Digistan and Ora-Tech, that have solicited and won development contracts with the assistance of the international military, including private sector infrastructure projects favored by U.S.-backed leader Hamid Karzai.

In other words, the Time reporter who wrote a story bolstering the case for war appears to have benefited materially from the NATO invasion. Reached by The Observer, a Time spokesperson revealed that the magazine has just reassigned Baker to a new country as part of a normal rotation, though he declined to say where.

How convenient.

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