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Give It Up, Timmy

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 16, 2010

Via the Cucking Stool, we find out that the Republicans in the state next door to ours really don’t want to see Gutshot as the GOP’s standard bearer in 2012:

Pawlenty scored 1 percent in a poll of Republican presidential hopefuls released Monday by the Iowa Republican, putting him in a distant tie for sixth out of 10 candidates in the poll.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who won the 2008 Iowa caucuses, led at 22 percent, followed by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at 18 percent, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at 14 percent and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at 11 percent. [Sarah Palin polls eleven times as well, proving once again why John McCain picked her as a running mate over Pawlenty.]

The one bit of good news for Pawlenty is that three potential candidates included — former Sen. Rick Santorum, Mississippi Gov. Hayley Barbour and Texas Gov. Rick Perry — failed to reach the 1 percent threshold.

What’s more humiliating than losing out on the #2 spot on the 2008 Republican ticket when a pretty grifter who spews word salad catches John McCain’s, erm, eye? Getting your ass kicked by a full order of magnitude, courtesy of that same word-salad-spewing grifter — and knowing that she in turn is bested by Huckabee, Romney, and Gingrich.

Give it up, Timmy. You destroyed your home state in order to win the favor of the GOP base nationwide, and they still hate you and think your mom dresses you funny. Just give it up, go into the ignominious exile you’ve earned, and be glad we haven’t actually grabbed a rail with which to run you out of town.

5 Responses to “Give It Up, Timmy”

  1. Spot said

    Gutshot and Thune were about tied. South Dakota abuts Iowa, well a little piece of it does, too.

    • Stormcrow said

      Too bad I don’t have a Blogger account.

      I wanted to note in passing, those two tweets you cited in the comments to A progressive approach to education, were a particularly nice catch.

      Since they were identical, except for author of record. LOL

      How much you want to bet they’d even have the same MD5 hashes, if you screen-scraped their contents? ROFL

      Seems like some professional Republican trolls don’t have enough imagination to use their own words, instead of simply copy/pasting from their marching orders.

      Or perhaps they were simply lazy and incompetent, in addition to being assholes.

  2. Spot said

    Thanks. For anyone else reading, I think the post that Stormcrow was referring to is “And u 2 are morons,” a post near the (excellent) post by Rob Levine:

    I think both of those tweets were probably Luke Hellier.

    And one last thing (before PW kicks up both out), you can use a Twitter or Facebook account to log in for comments at the Stool. Most people, in fact, us their Twitter account.

  3. Spot said

    Thanks; I was thirsty.

    It’s just that I try not to turn comments into a private chat room with horrified onlookers.

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