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Too many crazies, too little time, Florida 22 edition

Posted by Charles II on August 19, 2010

Allen West may very well have a seat in the next Congress!

Ron Klein for Congress.

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Yet Another Board In Tom Emmer’s Eyes: The Foreclosure Crisis In His Own District

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 19, 2010

I haven’t quite figured out if Tom Emmer, he who the Tea Party faction of the local Republicans hath selected to be their gubernatorial candidate, is callous, cruel, oblivious, or some combination of the three. I am increasingly leaning towards the last option.

We’ve heard his bizarre and clueless statements on waiters and waitresses, statements which he walks back when talking to the general public but repeats as truth when he thinks he’s among friends. We’ve heard him claim that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is running roughshod over poor innocent Big Bidness when the truth is almost exactly the opposite. And his misstatements and flat-out lies about other topics, such as state spending, are well documented.

The latest entry in the Evil AND Stupid File for Mr. Emmer is documented by the illustrious MN Observer over at The Cucking Stool. Seems Emmer, who paints himself as the sort of wholesome salt-of-the-earth guy who should love all things rural, is too busy attending big-bucks fundraisers to attend a key debate being held in a rural area. And as MN Observer points out, it’s not as if he’s overly fond of big cities, either: he want to slash 40% of Local Government Aid (which has already suffered tremendously under Gutshot Tim Pawlenty) and eliminate the Met Council. This pretty much leaves the white-flight suburbs and exurbs for Emmer to care about — but as MN Observer points out, he doesn’t really seem to understand that even those places are hurting badly and littered with ghost towns — and aren’t going to be helped by his policies.

For a quick change of subject, just for grins (and because I can):

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