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Democrats Beating Republicans In The Cash Race

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 21, 2010

This is kind of interesting: Namely, that Democrats are still beating Republicans in the cash race, as they did in 2008.

Of course, now is the time when the big GOP cash dump is likely to happen. Then again, the Target/Best Buy/MN Forward debacle is causing many businesses to think twice about throwing huge sums at the Republicans and their allies.


3 Responses to “Democrats Beating Republicans In The Cash Race”

  1. Charles II said

    I think you’re misreading this. The RNC is not collecting that much money because it’s run by Michael Steele. But the article says that the NRCC outraised the DNCC. There’s nothing on the Senatorial Committees.

    And then, as you say, there’s sewer money.

  2. AuldBlackJack said

    Talk about cherry picking and stovepiping. Three words; Citizens. United. Decision.

    ….and that’s just Rove’s group. There’s at least a half dozen more like his out there.

    Let’s stop fooling ourselves.

  3. Batocchio said

    Steve Benen did a piece on this issue last week – like AuldBlackJack says, when you figure in corporate donations, the scale tips towards the Republicans, and that tip may be massive as election day draws near.

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